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Aug 12, 2014
Jul 27, 2003
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Aug 12, 2014
    1. Field General
      Field General
      Good Evening Dusty, I saw that you commented on a video of a Turf Teq walk behind power rake. I was considering looking into buying one for small jobs. You indicated that you have used one, I would really like to hear your opinion on the unit. Did it function well, was it constructed to last for years.

      It really looks as though it would be I
      A nice piece of equipment to have for small jobs under 5000 sq ft.

      Your opinion please.
    2. lawntennis
      I lost all of the information. Please give me a call or pm me with name address etc. Sorry 814 931 5893. Steve
    3. Flagen23
      I'll be sending you the pictures soon of the TurfMaker. I will have all the info you need. Just been a little busy and haven't had time to get back to the shop. Like I said it is still good as new and has all the upgrades. We also have about 450 bales of mulch to go with it.

      Our area just doesn't have the need for it. Hopefully we can make a deal and you can get this nice equipment some use.
    4. vmderrick
      I am out of Media. I am a project manager for Hollywood landscaping. What is your company name
    5. americanlawn
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY bud. Later, Larry
    6. lazerPA
      interested in working in lehigh valley or upper bucks.. i could forward you work from there if I get requests
    7. Campbell Works LLC
      Campbell Works LLC
      My name is Doug Campbell and my company is Campbell Works LLC which is a seal coating and parking lot painting company. I’m sure you know where this is going so I’ll be short. I live in Townsend, Delaware and looking to another form of advertising that will be mutually beneficial. Any lead you can send me that results in a job I will pay 8% with a 1099. I know it’s hard to recommend someone and put your reputation on the line so we must meet so we can discuss specifics. You can Google search my site and read whether or not I’m a company you’d like to work with. I will supply you with business cards and brochures. My Email is djcampbell@atlanticbb.net. Thank you for your time.
    8. Holymonster
      Are you still interedted in the Permagreen Magnum? Call me 301-440-2130. I have a 2006 with no problems with the front tire like others have posted.
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