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    1. mowisme
      Hi Dutch1- Little info on that vanguard twin here. I found out a shop looked at it last year and they told him mower was junk and not worth fixing. Tried to sell him new ztr. Apparently the shop took the valve cover off and pulled the push rods out. stopped after pulling push rods.. Now the good part- they put the valve cover back on but never installed the push rods! (maybe one was bent?) so he got it back and he ran it a bit with one dead side (and no push rods)- foolish.. but he is a preacher and not a mechanical guy so didn't know better. I took the head off and really don't see nothing that looks bad? The head gasket 'may' have leaked as alittle carbon on surface.. but not bad. Valves look seated- but I haven't taken them out of the head yet to get a better look. The cylinder bore is smooth as glass.. not one line or anything. I sure hope I find a valve issue- Don't really want to tear lower end apart. Would the push rods completely missing give a low compression reading
    2. dutch1
      From the following parts breakdown, it would appear that the drum bearings are imbedded in the plastic shroud--at least the diagram does not show the bearings separately. To replace the bearings, the shroud must be replaced. The only lubrication needed on the clutch is the clutch shoe pivot pins.

      Yes, greasing the gearhead is simple--remove the 10mm nut on the side and add grease. The last Kaw trimmer I saw was 5-6 years ago and that did not involve any gearhead work. I'm not seeing the hex nut your talking about in the diagram.

    3. KSA250
    4. xstatikplus
      for the old toro mower help......model 20684c serial 8900225
    5. sadie123
      for sure reason my last post didn't come up. I did the leak down test on the F525, sure as hell if failed. blew right pass the rings into the crankcase. I told restrorob that I have new leak down tester, but needed a different fitting was to lazy to run uptown quick. Due to my lazyness it cost me a few hours.. Thanks agian for your input and I enjoyed your comments about the F525. Sadie
    6. housesoccer
      Hi, Not sure what needs to be setup. But I hope to be able to read your thoughts. My email is housesoccer@yahoo.com. Thanks Vince
    7. Gyrobob

      You seem like the real guru on LB mowers. Hope you don't mind me asking for some free consultation here.

      I have a LB 10323, 2002. The mower wouldn't start when I first bought it. After researching here, I did the coil baking procedure, and it worked for several weeks. Then no spark.

      When I heat up the coil for 10 minutes with a hair dryer, it works normally and will run as long as there is gas in it. When I try later to start it with everything at ambient temp, no spark. The ignition coil only works when heated up.

      I assume the coil is defective, but what is it about the coil that makes it provide a spark if it is heated up?

      I'm about to order a new coil, unless you can give me some info that'll solve this problem some other way.


      Is this part on ebay a LB/Toro brand part, or an aftermarket part? If it is an aftermarket part, do you think it has the "bad LB coil problem" solved?

      Anyway, I sure want this problem to go away. This mower is fantastic when it is running.

      Thanks for any info,

    8. Bob I.
      Bob I.
      Again, thanks SO much.

      It is a Walbro so I'll take a look and see if I can find the model. Would the model number be stamped on the outside of the carb? If so, where is the best place to look?

    9. Bob I.
      Bob I.
      WOW!!!! Thanks VERY much for the FAST reply.

      I thought it might be a fuel problem but couldn't figure out why. I pulled the filter out of the tank and blew through the fuel line and the filter wasn't restricted or dirty. I think I replaced it a year or so ago.

      The carb doesn't have a primer or return line so perhaps I do need a rebuild.

      One more question . . . . does it matter that there is not a good seal on the gas tank where the fuel line goes into the tank?

      Thanks again for your help!

    10. Bob I.
      Bob I.
      Hi Dutch1,

      I'm new to the site but read your reply to a thread on a problem with a McCullough Trimmer. I have a similar problem and found your input on this thread very helpful.

      I too have a McCullough Eager Beaver trimmer but my problem is that it won't start. I did all the suggested steps on the thread (checked exhaust port, gaped plug at 0.030, adjusted idle screws to 1.5 turns from bottom, checked fuel filter) but it won't start. If I give it a shot of starting fluid, it runs for a few seconds then dies.

      Do I need to rebuild the carb at this point?

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