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Jul 16, 2013
Aug 22, 2009
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Jul 16, 2013
    1. MileHigh
      Things are going decent.

      I have not bought a Vantage yet, as I want to wait a couple of years for all the bugs to be worked out...plus I have one too many mowers as it is...

      O and yes...Redmax's run much better with the spark arrestor pulled.
    2. dvgross
      Help with red max trimmer please?

      I have a rattling noise in my trimmer, know its a simple fix, but don't want to mess something up. I had the problem before when I first got it, took it to the place I got it, and he tightened something up, but got side tracked with all of the kick arse mowers in the place, and didn't watch. Also, someone mentioned that I should pull out some piece for better performance. Was it the spark arrester? Any thoughts on this? The trimmer is a BCZ2610S, thanks.
    3. MileHigh
      LOL...It's Marcus. Sorry...haven't been on in a while.

      And yes, I aerate my butt off. I would love the work. Please call me sometime 303.928.9551...If you want my email it's marcus@bladescapepros.com

      I do fert and also Irrigation work.

      Let me know how you wanna set it up, and I'll tell you what I'll do them for.
    4. MileHigh
      Nice...you'll like it.

      The ECS controls will become second nature after a full day of mowing. There is a few different kinds of stopping needing to be done while mowing.

      1-Stopping to just stop, with hands still on controls:
      To do this all you do is just squeeze the two levers about halfway, you can lock the levers if you'd like, if you lock them you can take one hand off the machine..if you squeeze more than half you will start going into reverse.
      2-Stopping to pick up a piece of trash or walking away from mower while it's running.
      To do this. You must squeeze levers, push locks in with both thumbs, and throw it down into neutral. I also throttle down. You have to use neutral because of the safety bar. The safety bar is there to shut the mower off if you slip or something and your hands come off the controls your mower will shut off as opposed to keep on going cause it's still in gear.

      You'll get it.

      When your turning 180 degrees, (lets say left) try to learn how to get the left tire actually spinning in reverse while the right tire is going forward..It's real nice. Keeping both tires spinning at all times will keep you from ripping up lawns when turning...(if your doing foreclosure though that is a different story, we'll talk about that soon)

      I have to know what size your trailer is..The length and the width and then I'll tell you how I would set it up. And also the lawns you will be cutting, gates and such. With a 36...you'll be able to fit most places so I would assume you'd want that near the rear. I use a 6'9" x 14' trailer and I can fit a 60" lazer, a 48" tthp, and a 36" viking. If I have to use that setup, I throw the 21 in the bed of the truck with all the grass.. Otherwise I can fit a 60,48,32, and a 21 all on the trailer at once. 36" are always made so long.

      Foreclosure's can be great money...I used to do many of them, and I would still do them today If I had the connection.

      Pros: Usually there bunched up real nice...you'll go into a neighborhood and have 10 accounts there.

      Quality is not issue #1 so usually the trimming is VERY minimal and all the mowing takes place in gear 6. I never edged them with a steel edger either...Just me. Usually pretty nasty lawns...some can be nice though.

      Most of the time minimal growth, cause of the lack of irrigation. If there is rain It can start growing pretty good and cause a mess because of the 14 day rotation.

      Cons :

      Before and After Date and Time stamp pictures need to be taken of each account, emailed and approved to get paid. Must be emailed in. Were talking A LOT of pics.

      Sometimes embarrassing to be cutting nothing at all and dirt going everywhere.

      The route changes frequently due to banks selling, stopping lawn service, starting lawn service, and people getting foreclosed.

      Rain helps keep the grass growing, but sometimes, to much rain can make a easy 25 dead grass mow into a hell because of the 14 day cycle...but the 14 day cycle needs to be there due to the lack of irrigation. Unless it rains like a MOFO this year.

      Can't think of anymore as of now.

      If your getting that many like 1-2 hundred...your going to want to split them into two different weeks. Since they are serviced every-other week, you can do half this week, half the next week, and keep repeating the process.

      Let me know brotha..

    5. dvgross
      Nice, I think I have a place to do the "ninja dump", but would rather not bag at all. This weather blows.
    6. MileHigh
      I bag when the conditions tell me too...too long, or too wet...or the property has a lot of mulch on site where clippings will be dispersed into them. I also have a customer that is allergic to the grass clippings and wants it bagged. Sometimes it's just smarter and more efficient to bag the grass on "Certain Properties" than to try to deal with the cleanup that discharging or mulching can bring...I can tell right when I pull up to cut some grass if it needs to be bagged or if I can discharge it.

      Otherwise, I side mostly discharge, especially in the summer. It looks better (as long as there isn't clippings on top of cut grass) It helps keep the grass moist in times of great dryness and heat, and importantly is the fastest way to cut most of the time...I never mulch...I'm just not setup to. No mulch plates or kits on my mowers...I don't think I would want to mulch though anyways...talk about some dirty caked out mower decks in the wet spring..and a bunch of clumped grass on the property.

      It all gets thrown into the back of the truck and disposed of. I don't use landfills because of the price. I used to have a farmer that would take all my clippings, but got pissed when I started dropping soda cans and crap like that on his prop...lol.

      So I've got this place...HAHAHA, where I go make "midnight ninja runs" and dump the grass out.

      Hey....but when you do need to go to the dump..Go to Rooney Recycling off of I-70 and Rooney road....Best prices around...something like $3.50-$4 bucks a yard, as opposed to like $11 or so at other dumps.
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