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Aug 14, 2005
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Jun 23, 1934 (Age: 82)
County Jail

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DVS Hardscaper

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Jul 25, 2016 at 9:20 PM
    1. JoeandTob
      Hey there!

      My Name is Joel Northrup, From Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I own www.lawn-tek.com..... I saw in a recent post of yours that you have some advice on Google Adwords? Is this true?

      If so, would you mind explaining a little your methods?

      My email is lawntekmowing@yahoo.com
    2. NickCat11

      I posted a question awhile back and never got any feedback. I'm from Southern NJ (sandy soils) and there is a trend of guys using a solid concrete substrate for a travertine and paver base. Personally I always follow ICPI standards. I've found though that I've lost a couple jobs because of not offering a solid concrete substrate. In your opinion, is there any advantage to using a solid concrete substrate vs the current industry standard? Thanks in advance.
    3. RpCurry2801
      DVS, Im new to Lawnsite, but have done my fair share of hardscaping.....from boulder retaining walls, block retaining walls, paver patios, and bluestone patios/ walkways. Ive read a lot of your posts, and it seems to me that you know what you are doing. plus, i especially liked the posts you had on "project bidding."
    4. TTr^2
      Good Afternoon,
      Have you ever rode ? What tracks do you guys go to ? We just sent a load of product down your way. Could it have been for you?
    5. TTr^2
      So do both of you ride? Which tracks are you close too? What size machines are you guys running? Let's talk MX and pavers. Maybe we can work something out.
    6. throopguy21
      Hey dude I was reading in a thread that you made about a crazy customer that you have a recipe of your grammy's for peanut butter pie. if you you could send that to me that would be awesome. I love peanut butter and I love pie.
    7. TTr^2
      Good Morning,
      My name is Tom Stinson. I work for UNILOCK. I also ride MX. Please call 845-222-2227 lets talk about getting some UNILOCK stickers on that machine.
      Best Regards
    8. saw'doffcrew
      DVS, I was curious if you have ever ran a propane line underneath a patio. My project I'm finishing up. The homeowner will have a fire pit sunk into there patio with a steel lid to cover it up. However the homeowner want it to be ran on propane. I have no experience in this area. I was hoping you could provide my with some insight. Since only the patio and pit were apart of the original plan, I was thinking of having the homeowner handle the aspects of getting the line installed to the center point of where the pit will be? I have done some research, but I'd like to hear what you have to say if you have time. I could email you pics if it would help.
    9. sginnis
      Hi DVS Hardscaper,

      Thanks for your interest. Don't worry, but I'm not quite in selling mode yet - althought yes, I am interested in you being a customer.

      However, my main goal is to get a better understanding of the state of the industry in regards to internet marketing, as well as a better understanding of what tactics people are using today, so I can better dictate pricing and the model itself.

      My e-mail is sam.ginnis@gmail.com and my phone number is 612-801-5956.
    10. DVS Hardscaper
      DVS Hardscaper
      No. VTSCAPER. I do not give unit pricing if we exceed allotments. This could backfire on a contractor. We may only need 11 sf of pavers. It will cost more to go pick up 11 sf, than the cost of the pavers.

      One thing to keep in mind is I have been in business for a long long time. It's maybe only once a year where we may exceed the alloted amounts. And this is usually due to changes in the design whether it's client inflicted or conditions on the site that warranted the change(s).

      Where allotments is helpful is for ground that is not level. Hills. Slopes. Housing construction is a great analogy, and it's an example that hardscapers can use to learn from. A home biulder can nail a price to build a house on the head - once the foundation is completed, because from that point on - you're working on a level playing field.
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    Jun 23, 1934 (Age: 82)
    County Jail
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