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Jul 24, 2016 at 8:35 PM
Apr 15, 2011
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Jul 24, 2016 at 8:35 PM
    1. DaveOhio
      Hello Efficiency,

      I am looking to purchase our first ride on aerator. We are located in Akron, OH.

      I've read through some stuff on Lawnsite, and we have a Toro dealer nearby that has sold "7 or 8" He has a demo for sale with 90 hrs ($8,500). Nearby Exmark dealer have NO experience.

      We have a 1.6 acre residence to do Friday -- we could demo his or rent one. In the past we'd take our Ryan 28" out there with a rental one to match and knock it out. If you have time could you call and share your advice? Thanks.

      David (330) 472-4363
    2. GILGirl
      Please give me a call about your Go iLawn account. I cannot tell who you are by your lawnsite username and would like to take a look at your account.
      Go iLawn
      800-270-6782 ext. 707
    3. jc1
      Would you be willing to answer or provide some guidance to my questions posted? In attempt to gather information on marketing their seems to be few solid answers to direct mail response rates. I have been given rates of response ranging from .07% to 2.1% for direct mail depending on who you are talking to. Weather it is on the forum or a marketing/ printing company. That is a huge range to project growth with. We are trying to increase the size of our business considerably this season and gain enough customers to fill a van route.
      Thanks Jeff
    4. Efficiency
      no, all walker crap has been sold
    5. tawst25
      Do you still have the Walker aerator for sale. email me @ twalker@bonomilandscapes.com
    6. glig35

      I saw your message about selliign your business and selling your Real Green software with it. Please give us a call to discuss how that is handled.

      Glenn Liguori
      Sales/Business Consultant
      Real Green Systems
      800-422-7478 x 199
    7. phasthound
      LEED Certification. We are suppliers of organic and organic based fertilizers and EPA Exempt Minimum Risk Pesticides. We will be glad to help you out with the bid process.
      Tech Terra Environmental
      Barry Draycott, Pres.
    8. 717landscapes
      I am interested in the Walker Bedshaper attachment. I live in PA and willing to make the drive to OH. Please contact me at your convenience. jvmarti1@hotmail.com
    9. americanlawn
      Hi buddy -- just got your friend request. Thank you. Larry, American Lawn Care, Des Moines.
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