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Aug 25, 2015
May 28, 2008
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Aug 25, 2015
    1. Federal Lawn Company
      Federal Lawn Company
      Thanks, Brian...I appreciate it.
    2. Federal Lawn Company
      Federal Lawn Company
      Sorry Brian...lightning blew out my mother board 2 weeks ago...just got it replaced. I've got somewhere in the 1200 hour range on it. I just replaced one hydro pump....not because it went bad, but it started leaking around the shaft. I know it was from pushing and pulling on that 16HP little wonder blower mounted to a giant vac dolley on the front.....it's heavy. But it sure is nice for utterly clearing leaves, straw, sticks and cones from a yard! I've given away all but 2 of my residentials...I've got 3 cemeteries now, and some other big stuff, 2 of them are the largest in the county. I just wasn't making any money on the resi's.....I spend way too much time weedeating and leaving NOTHING standing. Got 3 guys working with me now. Whoda thunk it!! *smile*. Wish I had started this when I was 18....instead of now being 48. If you come across some Case 1840 Skid Steer rims and TURF tires...or just rims, let me know. I've got hard surface now and can't use it without DESTROYING grass. Lugs are 6, and 6 inches across, 3 inches side to side. Regards,

      David Innis federallawncompany@ec.rr.com
    3. Federal Lawn Company
      Federal Lawn Company
      Hey Brian....I'm the one that bought your Exmark off Trent Road a couple of years back. It's been worked HARD!! I've got some huge jobs...cemeteries, apts, etc. Hope you're doing well.
      David Innis - Newport, NC
    4. T Money
      T Money
      Hey man, are you out sucking up leaves today. That mower you have is Bad ass.....
    5. T Money
      T Money
      Hey man i like that box truck, that thing sure is sweet
    6. trdtundra00
      Ya ive seen you around some too, im Zack. Things are starting to pick back up finally so its looking good for this season so far. How about yall?
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