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Jul 25, 2016 at 12:12 PM
    1. abcfamily
      Hey do you still run B.O.P. mowers?
      I run a 44 dually and am in need of replacement parts, but bop's site is out of stock on so much. I was hoping that you had an alternate place to get pulleys, idlers, and such. Or even a cross reference part number match.
    2. Groomer
      you still using a tanaka edger?

      Man, I wore out 6 or 7 of those over the years-sure wish they still made 'em!

      I have half a box of tanaka blades leftover-wish I could use them on the stick edger.
    3. EarthWayJK
      HI, I'm Jeff from EarthWay and I think I have something that you would like - and a fix for your C22HD. Shoot me an email that we can communicate thru that's easier than Lawnsite.
      Thanks Jeff Kendall jkendall@earthway.com
    4. JFGLN
      Hi Exact. I'm in need of a mower that will bag well in wet conditions. Do you think the ybravo 25 can hold up under daily use? I'm talking 6.5 hrs a day 5 days week. We use Honda 21 now when wet and the Exmark 30 when dry.

      Thanks, Jeff
    5. fatboynormmie
      Your inbox is full and my PM wont send to you
    6. jamartini99
      are you still looking for a honda stick edger? john
    7. Tommygunn
      Does the Bravo mulch better than the Honda? All cool season grasses here. Is there a mulch kit that is needed for YBravo? Thanks for your help.
    8. Tommygunn
      I am considering buying YBravo vs 21 Honda. I live in South Dakota and mulch everything if possible. How well does it mulch? With no dealer around if breakdown occurs, how easy is it to work on? Any other thoughts or comments appreciated.
    9. Holartic

      I read about your 1985 Toyota. Please do not make the same mistake I did. I was using a 1977 Datsun pickup truck, it worked supremely well until the end of 2004. That is about 27 years. It is a one owner, my dad purchased it new in May of 1977. I always used factory original parts whenever possible. It was not used to pull a trailer, but it was just a small truck it was VERY easy to work out of the bed. Manufacturers are only required to keep factory parts for ten years after the last model year of the vehicle. Parts still say in the pipeline after that, but as each year progresses they get more scarce. With careful maintenance, I think it is possible to keep a vehicle around 25 years, but I would be VERY hesitant to keep one ANY longer than that. I still have that 1977 Datsun pickup, but in 2005 alone, my repair costs were over $5,000. Too much for that small pickup truck, and even worse, it cost a LOT of down time to make the repairs.
    10. stansoph

      What is the plane in your avatar? Bush plane of some type? I was a Delta pilot for 16 years. I have a 1998 Mooney 252.
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