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Feb 7, 2011
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Feb 20, 2016
    1. Cascio05
      hello , the truck is ok I guess. I think the amount of weight I'm pulling everyday is wearing it out. I would prefer to use atleast a 2500 next time. If your not pulling a ton of weight you should be fine
    2. Mikes cuts
      Mikes cuts
      Hey man, im just wondering how old you are and how many accounts you take care of
    3. mclarke
      Just wanted to say your work is amazing. I am starting my own business (probably a two-man crew only, me and my brother) and I just wanted to say, how did you do the striping? I am studying landscape technology but the striping confuses me a little and now sure why. Thanks.


      Oh, and do you have a website? I am looking for design ideas. I use vista print (20/month. 15 for website and 5 for email marketing).
    4. WishforScagWildcat
      Hey, still figuring out site how do i do that. it says i can not with out advisor approval ?
    5. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
      send me an email and we can change your user name...that would probably be the easiest thing to do. my email is mike@mooserivermedia.com
    6. Exmarkboy13
      we use flyers, our Facebook page, business cards, yard signs, post cards, and word of mouth.
    7. kawasaki guy
      kawasaki guy
    8. Z's Lawncare
      Z's Lawncare
      i will soon cuz i just bought a new mower and sold some thid weekend
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