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Mar 14, 2016
Jun 22, 2013
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Mar 14, 2016
    1. F4rm3rj03
      My advice is if you would like to get one, go used! New they are around $18k for FEL and backhoe. But there are a lot of folks who sell them hardly used for $13k-14k range. Got mine for $13k with less than 100 hours on it. Previous owner decided it was too small for them and I think this is why so many get sold with few hours.... But for me the smallness is a plus. lol

      If you got any other questions feel free to ask.
    2. F4rm3rj03
      If I did have a mid-mower deck I would want to keep the backhoe on for two reasons. Reason one being is unless the rear tires have ballast in them I would want the weight for traction on the rear (On soft soil conditions the rears never seem to do the damage. The front tires do the damage when FEL is loaded or in 4wd.). Second reason is the safety the backhoe offers on slopes. Being able to swing the backhoe assembly uphill throws the machine's center of gravity in my favor and really takes away the "tip" feeling slopes can give. Extend the hoe out at uphill lets me drive on some slopes with ease that would tip the tractor otherwise. Plus, having outriggers extended a bit on slopes may add a sort of insurance in case a tip were to occur it may catch the machine if the FEL is lowered in time.
    3. F4rm3rj03
      I don't own a mower deck of any sort for the Bx-25. :-(

      The backhoe does come off easy. If conditions are right I can remove the backhoe and front end loader in under ten minutes. It takes more time pinning on the 3-point hitch than it does to remove the backhoe. By right conditions I mean a smooth hard surface (Asphalt/concrete surface). A softer surface makes re-attachment require some thinking as things will settle into the soil a bit different skewing the alignment.
    4. GKPM
      I am following a thread you posted on about most valuable piece of equipment, and had some questions about your bx.

      What size deck to you have for your BX? Easy on and off? How about the hoe, do you take that off when you mow with it? easy to go off and on?

      Thank you.

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