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Jul 18, 2016 at 6:38 PM
May 4, 2009
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Jul 18, 2016 at 6:38 PM
    1. keeper255
      Ok, that makes more sense, when you said 50k out of a tank, I was confused because of the 30 gallon tanks on the z spray.
    2. keeper255
      What size tank .
    3. BRL1
      I think that was the wrong number lol
    4. bsrutledge43
      Thanks. I will def check yardbook out. Not looking to spend too much until accounts build up so free may be perfect!
    5. xclusive
      They are strobes n more e4's in dual color (Amber/white)
    6. gulfjoe
      My company is in the VERY Pre mature stages of being started. it is called Extreme Turf Lawn Care. I actually work a full time job at Pratt & Whitney, but I am starting this as a hobby/side money/back up plan for lay offs. going to be a very small Operation serving some of the neighborhoods in midland behind pratt. as for chemicals and ferts JDL is all I know about here. I know alot of folks here on lawnsite kill JDL and their pricing but I find it to be a discount compared to what you pay for Scotts junk at HD and Lowes.
      The foam marker is Ridgeway the hose reel i belive is a Hanndy i had a hard time finding one i didn't have much space it is self winding.

      Thanks for asking

      Charles Cue
    8. 5starlandscaping
      Im still new to this site. I signed up a few years ago but justed started playing around last week. I still have not figured out how to private message someone. Cant find that option. You can e-mail me at 5star@mchsi.com. I need to get some pictures of the permagreen. I have heard of a lot of guys in the Albany / Columbus area using the permagreen. I have mainly smaller yards and have been spraying more lawn with my 200 gallon sprayer. I just feel more comfortable with the hose. This permagreen cover some ground fast and if you put it in high gear you can open up the spreader more to go even faster. I bought it from lesco last year and have barely used it. It has the honda engine which is totally reliable. You can get all the specs on the internet. I am wanting $4500. It was $6500 new. It still looks new.
    9. TX_yardguy
      I really like your trailer setup. If you have anymore detailed pics (from the side and rear) I would appreciate it. I'm getting licensed as we speak (just passed my tests yesterday!) I have a shortbed F150 so your trailer set up is ideal. Thanks. If it's easier to email pics here's my address jreyes95@swbell.net Thanks!
    10. a plus bob
      a plus bob
      .I would go with the intermediate I think its their best seller also I would add the aux tank on back.The casters are steel the cost of stainless casters is high so they use steel.They are easy to paint as needed.I have never had a problem other than elec. on the kawasaki motor.the same reason they now use briggs.I can do 54,000 out of the big tank and 24,000 out of the small tank.I have had all 3 max, jr, inter. Inter. is my pick of the 3
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