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    1. tbernholt@aemcnc.com
    2. tbernholt@aemcnc.com

      My name is Terry Bernholt.
      I am with the ET Air Ride company which sells the ZTR Puffer. I would like to know if you would contact me at my email address tbernholt@aemcnc.com. I would like to ask you some questions and see if you would be willing to write up a testimonial or allow us to use some of your comments as a testimonial on our website.
      If this sounds like something you wouldn't mind doing please email me at the above address.

      Terry Bernholt
    3. fatboynormmie
      Sent you pics of blower and the width is 26 1/4" .
    4. fatboynormmie
      Dang Jim so sorry I dropped the ball like that . I've been swamped and it slipped my mind. Will get you some pics and measurements when I get back home later this afternoon.
    5. jimid
      Greetings Norm, It is I Jim Doucette here. You contacted me a few days ago about having a Gravely snow cannon for sale. I am very interested. I am planning a trip from my home in North East Pennsylvania to Middleburg Florida to see my daughter & son in law. I could stop by on my way through. Can you snap a picture of the snow blower and send it to me by text? Also I would appreciate it if you could tell me what size it is also. My number is 570 706 69 eight nine. Thank you
    6. jimid
      Greetings Norm. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I do not mean to be a pain in the ass, but may I trouble you as to what size is your snow cannon and what is the condition of the unit ? I have just purchased a Gravely 5665 and it came with a few attachments - everything is in excellent condition. But the previous owner did not have a snow blower / snow cannon, and after the last two absolutely BRUTAL winters here in North East Pennsylvania I would really like to acquire a SNOW CANNON. My personal email is scragbaker at the gee mail. Please feel free to contact me there at your convenience. Sincerely, Jim
    7. Exact Rototilling
      Exact Rototilling
      Made some space. Pm away.
    8. RGM
      Hey normie help me out here somebodys trying to tell me my gavely can't cut 4-4.5 acres per hour check out my how often do you sharpen you blades thread
    9. DJ Chinchbug
      DJ Chinchbug
      Hey, I've been searching for mowers for weeks and I came across a gravely thread on here you are in. Are you still liking that mower? I'm debating on getting it.
    10. RGM
      whats up Normie
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