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Jul 24, 2016 at 8:45 PM
Jul 8, 2004
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Dec 13, 1953 (Age: 62)
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East Central WI

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LawnSite Bronze Member, 62, from East Central WI

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Jul 24, 2016 at 8:45 PM
    1. Kbgfarmer
      Also would be willing to pay you to come spray certainty on my lawn. I know it's no longer labeled for cool season grasses but I'm getting desperate.
    2. Kbgfarmer
      I live in Madison, WI. I have a terrible quackgrass problem. I saw that you had success using certainty to eradicate this weed in mixed lawns. My lawn is primarily kbg with creeping red fescue and perennial ryegrass mixed in. I purchased certainty and wanted tips on how to use it if I'm using just a hand can or backpack sprayer.
    3. FdLLawnMan
      Mow Ed

      It is going great. I ended up last year with over 300 full program customers then another 50 or so with some type of application. I am 61 so I am cutting back. I gave up the few customers I had in Oshkosh and am very particular about any new customers. All I di anymore is fertilization and weed control. I have my 11 pallets of first round fert coming from Reinders tomorrow morning. Hope to start Monday. You mustn't have off many days off with the FD and the lawn customers?
    4. MOW ED
      MOW ED
      Hey man how is it going? Long time. Glad to see you are rocking the applications. I am still in the business. I logged off of Lawnsite 2 years ago and just checked in because its raining today. I am still doing mowing/cleans/applications. I actually just begun my 20th year in business.
      I still work with the fire dept also so my time is still tight.
      Things are not bad in De Pere. Business is good and I am not advertising but still have 90 accounts in the spring.
      I hope all is well with you. Take care.

      my e-mail is
    5. mikesturf
      UFLEXX at Reindeers. I usually only need 120 bags - 50 pound bags that cover 10,000 sf per bag for my pre. How long does the UFLEXX last you/greening length? Is it just UFLEXX or do you add K with it?
    6. GW Andy
      GW Andy
      Hi Mike, I met you last year at JD landscapes seminar in Oshkosh and we talked for a while at the end of the show. Anyway I lost your phone #. I saw from your post that you have an Exmark 30" ride on aerator. Could I come up this weekend and check it out.
      Andy Schoofs
      Schoofs GreenWorks
    7. superintendent
      What is and where do I find info on Cactus mailing? Thanks
    8. americanlawn
      A local LCO that has been running Z-Spray units just bought a T3000. Thought you might want to know. Take care, Larry
    9. turfmanagementspecialty
      I'm thinking about using a backpack sprayer for the tall fescue clumps and charging them hourly rate plus chemical. I'd like to blanket cover but I know they wouldn't pay for that. Have you used a backpack sprayer ever for this? I have talked to some suppliers and they say it will work, just time extensive. THanks
    10. americanlawn
      Hi Mike -- just wanted to say Hi. Mason treated 30 lawns today with the T3000. Lawns ranged from 12,000 to 22,000 s/f. Not bad eh? We're buying another T3000 this winter cuz we've checked out all the others. Even the Z-Sprays have about eight problems we don't like -- (Mason & I drove to Indiana last week to check 'em out at their factory).

      A lawn guy in Ottumwa, Iowa is coming here next week to check out our T3000. Says it's the only ride-on he's interested in. I can see why.

      Take care, Larry
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    Dec 13, 1953 (Age: 62)
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    East Central WI
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    First year in business summer of 2004, mowing only. Next three years did mowing & applications. Now I do applications only.

    Golf, family, church


    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care

    I love my country, but mistrust my government, and the government doesn't create jobs, it just takes my money and gives it to other people or groups it thinks it can bribe.