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    1. tbernholt@aemcnc.com
      My name is Terry Bernholt.
      I am with the ET Air Ride Co. which makes the ZTR Puffer.
      We would like to know if you would like to share a testimonial or allow us to use some of your comments for one. If you are interested please contact me at: tbernholt@aemcnc.com.


      Terry Bernholt
    2. RonRock
      Thanks for the reply. Don't sound like you want to sell it. No point in my making an offer, so I'll move on.

    3. Fuzzy1
      I used a Dr. Scott Hodges - Center for Sports Medicine - Chattanooga for my surgery. I did lots of research before deciding on him, and he came very highly recommended. He was the Dr. of choice when I queried my PCP, a few of his patients, and several surgical nurses who are familiar with him. They all said his work was absolutely the best they have ever seen. That said ... I am still having some problems with my back, but then, it has only been about 4 months, and the last two were drastically affected when my wife suffered a bleeding brain aneurysm and a pretty severe stroke. I really haven't had the luxury of being able to lay around for a good long healing to occur.
    4. mc2crazy
      Be careful with that back. I had similar surgery years ago that forced me to retire from a desk job, although my discs were removed and bone transplants from my hip put in place of the discs. When I started feeling better and thought I could do things again I herniated more discs above the surgery because of the additional load on those discs. I live in pain and I'm only on the forum to see how the Ferris mowers are rated by pros. I have about 4 acres to mow and my rider takes forever and my tractor is hard to maneuver around all of the trees. BTW, I'm just south of Chattanooga in GA. If you had your back work done there, can you recommend a surgeon? I had my repairs done 100s of miles away.
      Take Care,
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