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May 18, 2012
Feb 4, 2011
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LawnSite Member, from Clayton, North Carolina

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May 18, 2012
    1. JustinHayes
      Gordon, please contact me regarding the 54 z beast that I ordered. I'm not getting anywhere with Maritza, UN ... Nick answers my calls at least, but I'm really not getting anywhere and I still can't mow. My email address is JustinHayes at Yahoo ... I don't want to leave my phone number on here
    2. bjphio
      I have b een considering purchasing a Z Beast 31hp 62" for the last 6 months. I have read nearly every thread I could find and last night read the 54 Z thread here. You almost had me then someone named greybeard sent a message and then you ended your involvement. Where does your company stand on the product, availability, warranty. Did your engineers go over greybeards machine and find out why his 54 failed? I have sent a letter to your company President but have not heard back. I look forward to hearing from you. Greg
    3. GMLC
      Gordon, we can really make this shoot out something special!! If we can get Turf Magazine involved it can be a yearly shoot out between all commercial mowers!! What do you think?
    4. jones0333
      Gordon, I purchased a ZB 54 inch beast that had 3 hours on it a week or two ago and it is having a lot of issues. It bogs down and misses a lot of grass. I am thinking of returning it in the next couple of days but really want to keep the mower. I have had problems finding who to call or what to do to see what I need to check that could be causing this issue. I tried cutting my lawn and it missed all over the place and cut horribly. Seems like it is bogging down the motor and the ground is flat where I am using it. Very unhappy and unsure what to do but return it. My email is lori.jones@att.com if you can help in any way.
    5. dmodem
      I placed the re-order with HD for the damaged Beast 54" ZTR. If you could assist in whatever manner possible to expedite receipt, I would greatly appreciate it and relay such to others. My HD order number from tonight is: W124002267
    6. flatlander42
      Make sure you tell everybody when the videos are up. I want to see a vid of the pull behind mower, going at a good clip too.
    7. rednose pitbull
      rednose pitbull
      I would like to talk with you more about the 50in mower
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