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Jun 18, 2016
Mar 4, 2007
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grass guys

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Jun 18, 2016
    1. jasonhc73
      I could really use those springy things to lift my gate. I'm pretty much one armed now, I had my should wrecked and had surgery on it. Turns out it was my bicep where it attaches to the shoulder. Too many cherry pickers and overhead arm clapping in the Army. Anyways here is my email; Thanks so much.
    2. Betterlawncarellc
      Just am really impressed with your professional attitude toward me and my partner last saturday at Power Equipment, and for your generous offer to let us use your second blower while ours was on the blink. Just goes to show that we can all get along and accomplish a lot when we aren't at odds!!! I did want to ask you if you guys do any snow plowing in the winter, and who it was that you sub for chemical apps. Would love to offer it, but the license is kicking my butt right now with how busy it is. Thanks again! Josh Gallant
    3. grass guys
      grass guys
      Terry, Sorry I'm just gettin back to you, it has been pretty hectic around my parts here lately... But billy goats are Awesome, mine is an older estate model it has a chipper on it as well but I never use it. If you get one you need to look at a self-propelled model otherwise they are a pain to push. They pick up good in the grass but I use mine now since I have two walkers strictly for street gutters or anything on concrete. If you get one I would look at also getting what I think they call the leaf shredder it is a grate like piece that you stick in the chute to grind the leaves up to a smaller size but it only works if the leaves are dry otherwise they just get stuck in the holes. Hope this helps... If you have anyother questions just ask...
    4. TLC-AR
      Hey bud, I noticed you have a Billy Goat Vacuum listed as one of your equipment items. I'm considering one for fall leaf pick up and wonder if you wouldn't mind giving me you honest opinion of their performance?

    5. grass guys
      grass guys
      That sounds like a plan, as far as laying granular I've been told the same thing but anymore if they feel like they can write you up I bet they would and I hear its like a $3,500 fine. When I was trying to figure out ways around the stupid law, I even asked if I was to make the "homemade weedkiller" could I do that and the exact words I got back were " If you lay pixie dust and you get caught we will fine you" So I just can't justify it in my business that is why I sub it all out and then I don't have to fool with it.

      If you don't mind me askin, how many accounts do you all have? And how many crews do you have workin?
    6. Betterlawncarellc
      We are on the North side of eville..I don't do the liquid fert. yet because I don't have my license back after I let it expire, but found out that the law says you don't need a license to apply granular fert. I don't do big landscaping projects as of now..plan on it in the future after we go full time..also want to do irrigation and christmas lighting. I also do snow plowing in the winter..Hope to be full time within 5-7 years.
    7. grass guys
      grass guys
      Good Luck to you too, where abouts are you located? Are you all just in the mowing side of it or do you landscape/fertilize too?
    8. Betterlawncarellc
      hey grass guys....didn't know that you were all from evansville, in...I am also from here as well....good luck to you in the 2010 season, and if you ever need someone to sub your plowing to again let us know.
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    Princeton, IN
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
    I started the business in the spring of 2000 when I was 15.



    95 Chevy C3500HD 6.5 Turbo Diesel 1 Ton Dually
    with 16' Custom landscaping body
    2001 Dodge Ram 2500HD 5.9 Turbo Diesel

    2009 Walker MTGHS 42" w/ mulching GHS Decks and 62" Side Discharge deck
    3 Commercial Grade John Deere Push Mowers
    Billy Goat Vacuum
    Echo Trimmers:
    SRM 3100
    SRM 3400
    SRM 3400
    SRM 3800
    Handheld Blower
    Stihl Backpack Blowers:
    BR 600
    BR 600 Magnum
    HS 81T Hedge Trimmer
    with 8 Attachments