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Mar 1, 2015
Mar 2, 2010
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LawnSite Senior Member, from VA

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Mar 1, 2015
    1. Broski lawns
      Broski lawns
      Hi, can you tell me what company you use for your SEO.?
    2. Kawizx62003
      Hey man. Just looking for old threads with people from the Richmond area. Im in Chesterfield and am just starting up part time this year. I have done quite a bit of lawn maintenance experience. I am going to try to hit it full time by next year. ANyway just trying to network.

    3. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare
      haha ohh u saw that post huh? lol
    4. dhunterd08
      "musta been a puss husband though all there is is anime games" I have been laughing for 5 minutes lol
    5. dhunterd08
      Hey man I was wondering what made you to decide to go LLC, as opposed to just a sole proprietorshi. How much did it cost you? I already have license and insurance and was thinking that might be the next step. I like the gravely by the way ha
    6. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare
      thanks man. i like ur ariens. thats cool as hell. im just hopin to make it thru till next season and hopefully get a new trailer. just sold the 32 for a 48 yesterday. im lovin it
    7. Edward Hunter Yard Works
      Edward Hunter Yard Works
      Hey, thanks for the add. I checked your pics out. You have some nice equipment.
    8. DCJ Lawn
      DCJ Lawn
      how many belts have u gone thru? Is that why u want to get rid of it
    9. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare
      haha i hear ya man. I had to do this on my own too, without help from my folks and all. Not lucky enough like some people on here that are like 20 yrs old with brand new trucks and mowers and everything else. Still tryin to gain accounts so im tryin the midlothian exchange newspaper, hopefully ill get somethin off that
    10. topsites
      Chesterfield here, some W.e as well, only things I have that I don't use much are rather old, an 8hp push blower, a Troy horse tiller and a Kan-du stump grinder, but like yourself I'm constantly looking out for mowers as well, the dealers around my necks don't seem too friendly on prices.... Peace.
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    My brother and I are a LLC lawn care service- licensed + insured

    hangin with my fiance and our pitbull/dalmatian