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    1. yardude
      I saw a post of yours where you mentioned you do REO's. I do REO's also & was wanting to ask you; Do you contract with a company that gives you the properties or do you go direct with the Banks to get the jobs? I am working with a company that contracts with the Bank & I am finding they are taking huge %'s of the pay, maybe 50% or more. I think that is high when I am absorbing all the expenses. They do pay for liability insurance, but that is it.
      Any info you can offer is appreciated?
    2. dstalli
      Saw your post, and I am looking to make a decision on the Z400, 48" Toro or JD 800 series. Can you tell me your likes and dislikes on the Toro and what type lawns you are cutting?
    3. LouisianaLawnboy
      Welcome. I've been doing this for about 3 years. I live in New Iberia about 1 hr 45 min from Houma. My advice is to get rid of that riding lawnmower and get a ZTR. Save yourself some time.
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    Thibodaux, La
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    Small company just starting out

    4-wheelers, outdoors, nature


    Kevin Babin
    Green Choppers, LLC
    Thibodaux, LA

    2006 Chevrolet 1500 crew cab truck
    2006 Big Tex 6'x16' open trailer
    2011 Toro Z500 52" deck ZTR
    2006 Toro Z400 48" deck ZTR with mulch baffles
    2010 Toro personal pace mower
    2011 Echo string trimmer
    2009 Echo string trimmer
    2009 Echo PAS split shaft (edger, trimmer, pruner)
    2-2011 Echo PB260T backpack blowers
    3-2009 Echo handheld blowers
    2011 Load Trail 6x10 dump trailer
    Miscellneous shovels, rakes, and other outdoor tools