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    1. GreenAsItGets
      Hey- saw your post on the TeeJet gun and tips. I have a few qtns if u don't mind calling me (919) 669-8499

      Thanks Kevin- Fontaine Landscaping
    2. slong1958
      Hi greendoctor
      We spook awhile back about preemegent for spurge and you suggested gallery df. Well that stuff cost to much but you also mentioned Metsulfuron Methyl which I was able to get some. Here's what I've been doing. In the fall I've been putting down Simazine then in the spring I use Simazine and resolute that works ok but still have a lot of stuff get buy. Then when I start seeing spurge popping up I'll spray strike 3 at 1qt per ac and msm at 1/4 and oz per ac and my lawn is supper clean. You mentioned the msm / Metsulfuron Methyl had preemegent qualities is that true. You seem like a very knowledgeable person and I was wondering is there any thing else I need the do and beside gallery is there a better preemegent that don't cost out of this world to use.
      Thanks for all the help
    3. jmarc1015
      Hi GreenDoctor,

      I live in maui and you gave me advice years back regarding herbicide. I posted under another username and I have lost the login since. May i ask which fertilizer you recommend? I have seashore paspalum grass. Thank you!
    4. firefighter119941
      can you explain what fittings you use to attach your pvc boom to the wand extension? I have the boom figured out, just trying to figure out how it is connected to the gun.

    5. firefighter119941
      A few more questions… How did you get the nozzle bodies to fit to the 1/2 PVC? What type of regulator do you use and how did you mount the boom to the gun?
    6. firefighter119941
      Had a few questions about your boom sprayer that I saw in a thread. I spray cell phone towers with herbicide and would love to make one of these. would make life a lot easier. what size pvc did you use? Nozzles? I currently use a tee jet lawn gun. what do you suggest?
    7. nymickey
      Thanks for such a quick response. I already ordered and received my quart of Surflan. Would it be OK to use it at a reduced rate? It had such GREAT reviews on
    8. nymickey
      Greetings and Salutations!

      Have you had any success with Surflan as a pre-em on Bermuda grass?
    9. troland
      Would you have a minute to help guild me through a typical skid sprayer setup? I have read several of your threads, and respect your input an knowledge. I am wanting to build my own.
    10. greendoctor
      He is not the fastest shop. Want fast, there are two heavily advertised shops that do exactly what should not be done to a reel. Everyone that has used those two shops tells me how soon the reel stops cutting correctly. Of course. That kind of grinding is only for greens and fairway reels that are re done every week and replaced yearly. I know of at least two people that have had reels ruined by that kind of sharpening.
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