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Oct 20, 2011
May 23, 2011
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Bartow FL

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LawnSite Member, from Bartow FL

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Oct 20, 2011
    1. lawnguy27
      Look at my signature.
    2. lawnguy27
      I really like the Vantage! I can afford it because I've been in business since 2009.
    3. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      yeah im actually wanting a chariot type sulky for my Turf Tracer. i resized my pictures in paint and posted them using the advanced reply link. not hard if you know what you're doing. so what are the pros of a chariot type sulky?
    4. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      haha i have the pistol grips. so far it isn't bad, i would much rather have the ECS controls, but i knew where this mower came from and i got it at a pretty decent price. it is a hydro with a single wheel sulky, but since i'm a smaller guy, a single wheel sulky doesn't rut or anything. It leaves a very nice cut as well!
    5. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      you' re right about 52-54" mowers being the perfect size! I have a 52" Exmark Turf Tracer and it is big enough to mow the larger lots and mow the smaller residential lots that i do.
    6. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      yeah post some pics up! I bought a used eXmark turf tracer last saturday, and i am really pleased with it! what is the deck size on your z?
    7. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      wow! sounds like you have it made! i want to pick up an Echo PAS with extended reach hedge trimmer. How do you like your Husky backpack blower?
    8. Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      Tyler's Lawn Maintenance
      i am not yet, but if i do continue to pursue this industry, i most certainly will be insured and have an LLC. i am a senior in high school, play travel soccer and school soccer and i have around 14 accounts. i also do light landscape jobs as well. what equipment do you have?
    9. jwilkers2vt
      Yes, we stay pretty busy with it. It is making me money, but the maintenance on it is a lot. We will probably look for a new machine later. The work is out there, and we market it to many different types of clients. Everything from farmers, hunters, homeowners & associations, towns, and all around in my landscaping. We also use it for general excavation.
    10. ivyslawncare
      did u figure it out?
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    Bartow FL
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    17 years old, started out with a craftsman lawn tractor, rusted old tilt deck, troy-bilt trimmer, now have 6x12, 54'' hustler super z, shindaiwa weedeater, echo PAS with attachments, husqvarna backpack blower, make sure every lawn looks its best!!!

    hog hunting, mowing lawns