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Nov 1, 2014
Apr 29, 2013
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Hopkinton MA

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Nov 1, 2014
    1. GVL LLC
      GVL LLC
      Is the kombi powerhead a 130? This would be great because ive been looking to pick up a kombi for awhile now. I just didnt want to buy new and couldnt find any good used ones. I also may be interested in one of your fs 90's but the kombi is more intriguing to me as I already have a fs110 and a 90
    2. GVL LLC
      GVL LLC
      Id be interested in the kombi with chain saw pruner, hedge trimmer, and maybe bed redefiner. How well does the redefiner work for yearly shaping of bed edges?

      I am located in Mass.
    3. lego
      Will do - shipping is fine with me.
      Where are you located at?

      I am not sure what I want to sell yet and what I don't - it is always nice to have backups around and pairs of twos so no one is left standing around doing nothing on the clock. What would you be interested in? My signature has a list of the stihl equipment I have, the kombi atatchments are the chain saw pruner, hedge trimmer, edger, and bed re-definer. The yard boss is the one that doesn't have the electric easy start or whatever. Everything is literally less than three years old. It does have wear, I mean what we do isn't exactly machine friendly, but I take care of them and clean them up/wash at the end of every week. I'll get you some pictures.
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    Hopkinton MA
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Hardscape
    • Snow Removal & Ice Management
    • Tree Services
    • Excavation
    Its my 4th year in business and im loving every minute of it. This business is very rewarding if you work hard at it.

    trucks, mowing, planting, sports