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    1. Hissing Cobra
      Hissing Cobra

      I'd love to help you but the fertilizer plans that we use up here may be different for your area down there. With a Tall fescue lawn, you're going to be prone to getting Brown Patch fungus. Do a lot of research on it and come up with a plan to use fungicides to help control it - in addition to a regular fertilizing plan. Find a John Deere Landscapes or a place that sells to the professionals in your area and go on in, and talk to the employees that run the store. They should be able to put a plan together for your that will help you in your quest to have a great lawn. Good luck!
    2. Myrick Willard
      Myrick Willard
      I'm in Forest City, NC which is 1hour & 15min WEST of Charlotte, NC. I'm a homeowner. My lawn was freshly seeded 3 years ago from scratch with Tall Fescue. I want to get my yard in shape and have a professional looking yard. I have irrigation. So I'm set up to get started with a professional-type Fertilizing Program. Labor & Cost isn't an issue as I will be doing this myself (I'm a DIY guy with just about everything I do). I've been looking on here trying to learn what I'm doing and after reading alot of your posts (and seeing you work for JDLandscapes), you seem the best qualified to tackle them:). I have some questions that I can't quiet get an understanding of... but this site won't let me type but so many characters in this post, so if you would like to take this to e-mail, I can e-mail you if you give out your address or you can e-mail me at:

    3. Garver Landscaping
      Garver Landscaping
      Hissing Cobra

      I was told you worked for Scott's Lawn Service? They are interested in hiring me on salary as a territory service rep here in ohio. I have read a few reviews but would like to here first hand from some who has worked there. Was the pay good for the amount of work? Thanks
    4. Hissing Cobra
      Hissing Cobra

      Click onto my name and select "Find all posts from this user". From there, you will be able to get all the information that you need. I've helped numerous people on this site but because it takes so much time to type everything in, it's easier for you to read my old posts or replies. All the information is there!
    5. vlocci
      I've noticed several of your fertilizer related posts and it seems like you are in MA.

      Any chance you would be willing to help with a (new to me) lawn fertilization program at my home here in MA? Just need some direction on what and when as I've had numerous conflicting opinions.

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