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Jul 24, 2016 at 2:25 AM
    1. PlantscapeSolutions
      I have a private email forum where it's just me and a handful of current and former Holidynamics (HD) guys who talk about all the current and former HD issues. Some of these guys are big players and do probably $100K in holiday sales.

      None of these guys want anything to do with HD any more. Some of the bigger player are getting eaten alive by the upkeep and failures of all the HD stuff they have sold and now must maintain. Some guys have switched to Brite Ideas but I recommend just staying away from anything that has lights mounted to wire frames like Light Links (LL's) or yard art.

      I'm stuck with having some clients with LL's and yard art but I will not sell any more. Stick to C9, garland, and wreaths. The classic look is easy to maintain and will not get you in trouble.
    2. Hope Landscaping
      Hope Landscaping
      Did you have a bad exp with HD? The light links I'm working with are LED ribbon light links. I put them up yesterday, the went up easy.
    3. PlantscapeSolutions
      I no longer buy anything from HD and no longer recommend them to anyone. I have not used those links. Talking to Mike Marlow at HD is the best thing to do. On the LED links if one bulb fails it will cause half the link to turn off. The only way to find the bad bulb easily is to purchase a Magic Box tester.

      You can get one from ccbydara.com for about $100. Make sure you tell her I referred you. If you buy the same tester from HD it will be $160.

      In holiday lighting sticking with LED C7/C9 along with wreaths and garland when it fits in the budget is the way to go.
    4. ToddH
      Try info usa
    5. Duekster
      I have no clue
    6. Hope Landscaping
      Hope Landscaping
      Best value for mailing lists?
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