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May 9, 2016
Nov 17, 2007
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LawnSite Silver Member, from MA

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May 9, 2016
    1. LawnCraftMA
      Good morning humble1. My name is Joe (lawncraftma) and I am starting a lawn care and maintenance company this spring 2014. I am looking for a licensed/certified applicator to hire but in the interim would like to develop a relationship with a company who I could sub-out some work to. My areas of service will be Bristol and Norfolk County with a focus on Easton, Canton, Sharon, Foxboro and Mansfield initially. My company will be headquartered out of North Easton. Any interest? Please get back to me. My cell 508 326 6386 or through this site/message. Thanks for considering.
    2. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare
      hey humble1 are you from sandwich ma?? i just moved to VA from sandwich a couple years ago. Lawn business is much different here let me tell ya. i used to live on easterly drive off quaker meetinghouse.
    3. Joneser
      Could you send me your fertilizing contract as well. Thanks a lot.
    4. cgaengineer
      You sure do Mr. Gun at a mans chest for breaking into your house...that's extreme!
    5. humble1
      Well Phasthound

      I just wanted to get back to you feeling concerned about my signature line. I am sorry that you are offended but you elected a President that really wasnt qualified for the job, he really hadnt done anything in his short political career that qualifies him to be the leader of the free world. The same democratic party in particular the Clinton administration that sold North Korea nuclear technology, now Obama cant rein in a dictator that just detonated a nuke, and has clearly stated he will attack american ships and south korea. You people will somehow probably blame bush for that. As far as your statements about how many died in Iraq because of Bush- lets get your facts straight before you make such a statement. Oh Obama could be the cause of some of those deaths after the troops were sent over he constantly voted to cut any kind of funding for the troops. Like it or hate the war you cant sent our boys over and then not give them adequate gear from cutting funding.
      After the 911 attack on our country most of the democratic party voted to go over there. One man cant make that decisision. So you will say there were no weapons of mass destruction- inteleigence agencyies from around the world also agreed with our cia which is made of of both parties, that they were there, and he did have them in the past when he killed over 50K kurds, they didnt up and vanish like a fart in the wind. Many dems, Hilary Clinton and Kerry were all on the band waggon to stop Saddam that there were WOMD there and he needed to be stopped. Oh and before you go and try to blame the economy on GW, this all started with the banking industry giving loans to people who couldnt afford them, the banks sold the loans to freddie and fanny mac gauranteed by the Gov. The banks were forced to give such loans by the law suits brought forward by guess what 2 democrats Ma senator Barny Frank and Chris Dodds.

      Your opinion is emotional mine is factual- when ever I asked a dem why they were going to vote for Obama -change was always the answer, what change they didnt know, and it always ended with somehow hating bush, not really a good reason to vote for someone.
    6. phasthound
      I just find your signature line to be way over the top.
      How many people have died becasue of Bush's actions?
      And then you try to put Obama in the same class as Hitler. Dude, seriously.
    7. aircorelocke
      email jim@aircoreaeration.com
    8. Bwing96
      Can you tell me how many gallons per minute this unit delivers ? I know #1 is .12 gpm and #4 is .86 gpm But what about the #2 & #3 setting
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    Fertilization and Weed Control
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    Aeration and overseeding
    Cant edit sig line
    but I also run a T3000


    Bluebird 48 tow behind $500 firm Haverhill MA