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    1. Elizabeth_1977
    2. IHusky
      I would go with a Gravely 34 fixed deck or the 36 hanging deck Gravely if you have a dealer close by. These are the things that I did not like about he Husqvrana: 1. It did not have a PTO cluch to engage the cutting blades. 2. No hour meter on it (I had to add it). 3. The choke and the throttle were the same cable and it was a cheap one (the gravley has a sperate cable for choke and throttle) it bent all the time and that would make it stick. 4. Very few dealers for the Husqvrana wb in my neighbor hood. If you have a Gravely, Toro or Scag dealer close by, take a look at one of those 36 wb, they are just a little bit nicer.
    3. ch8940

      I'm new to the site... poking around trying to find recommendations on a decent mower. I noticed a picture of a Huskqvarna belt driven walk behind - would love to get your opinion.

      (I'm looking to start a very small business - part time - as I need to cut several lawns as it is... my own, my Dad's, Mother-In law are my training grounds... but they have friends that would like me to also cut their 1/2 acre lawns. The 1st of my (4) kids start college in the fall! gulp!

      This summer I'm looking to get off the ground - starting with a mower! For primarily 1/2 acre (or smaller) lawns... do you think a 36" Husky WGP3613 walk behind machine is a decent choice?

      Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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