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    1. DuallyVette
      I aerated with a John Deere 850/955/and then a 4400HST for the last 30 years. Hauling the mowers, tractor, seed, fertilizer etc around , we usually used 2 trucks & enclosed trailers. It was a pia.

      When z-plugger came out, I thought it was worth the $8 if I could aerate as fast as I mowed. The z-plugger doesn't do hills very well, or at all. The holes are too far apart. It only goes into softer ground. and if you had down pressure on it, I doubt you could steer it.

      I bought the Lawn Solutions Stand Up aerator. It doesn't aerate as WIDE a path, but it will go into harder ground. ( we have red clay soil here, and we can't wait for rain in order to aerate the lawns). It is better on hills than the z-plugger, but not that much. To make the tines go into the ground, you just step on a button under your right foot...very nice. It took Too much pressure on the controls to make it go fast enough, so I put some weaker springs on it, so It will get away from you if your not careful.

      The tractor has a 3 point hitch aerator that I made, using 10 Ryan aerator wheel castings. I also put a weight rack on it that holds 500 lbs of tractor weight 1450 lbs.60" wide.
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