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Apr 24, 2015
Oct 24, 2009
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LawnSite Senior Member, from Illinois, no I do not live near Chicago

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Apr 24, 2015
    1. AfterhoursVT
      Any chance you have some new updates on your Bobcat E50 with the mulching/mower head that you posted a few months back. Would love to know how it is doing.
    2. Jatkt
      Hello ioilyouin,
      I am new to this site having come across it researching oil and chip prices. I just had a job priced and was floored at how much it was. The last job I had done was in 04 for around 6/10 ths of a mile at $.33 for a 2 coat. Per sq ft in this current price is $1.10 to $1.33 for 10,800 to 3,600 sq ft. Does this sound right?
    3. ioilyouin
      We've got 4 different shades that we have used in the past/present. However my customers are more concerned with durability rather than astetics. I was curious what combination of truck/distributor you are running. I am familiar with micro but don't do any myself. Microsurfacing seems to me to be a large jump into manpower and equipment. We too are a small operation and aren't ready to make that kind changeover.
    4. RHS
      I am quite a small operation. Dump Truck, 873 Bobcat, 2 ton Packer, and My Spreading Unit. I am Focusing purely on Driveway and Pathway work. I use some different stone colours and push the decorative side of things rather than pure price point.

      Fortunatly for me Nobody else is doing T&C in my area. The bad side of that is that Nobody has heard of T&C here so we have to "prove up" the product. I don't touch Hot Mix at all.

      Do you do any MicroSurfacing? Nobody here does it and I am thinking of getting into it? Any thoughts or Advice?
    5. RHS
      Hello ioilyouin.

      RHS here aka Mike. I am kinda new to posting to the site but have been lurking around for a bit. So you also do a bit of O&C? I am relatively new to the Tar and Chip but am slowly getting things going up here. Hows business in your part of the world?
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    Illinois, no I do not live near Chicago
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