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Apr 18, 2016
Dec 15, 2004
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Silicon Valley, CA

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LawnSite Platinum Member, from Silicon Valley, CA

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Apr 18, 2016
    1. my911
      I arrived here late, but found some of your posts to be enlightening.
      I live in a group of 29 homes that each (+/-) have a programmed clock driven controller with typically 3-5 valves/zones per home. ( Near Charleston SC)

      We are interested in saving on our increasing water bills and have to begun to learn about alternatives. A wireless rainswitch+ (Solar-Sync) seems inviting, but it also seems "open ended". A simulation shows it would likely provide maximum interruption during August when we need the water most.
      Soil Moisture sensor based systems make more "gut" sense but I can't find any wireless versions.

      Will you help with your opinion of the likely best upgrade to our current controllers....best in the sense of saving $$ AND keeping quality of turf/shrubs.

      Our HOA can afford up to $200 per home if the payback is forthcoming (less than one or two years)

      I hope you respond. Thanks

    2. AguangaFarmer
      My sister and I are trying to help my grandfather find a manual for his oasis control system that he uses in his grapefruit orchard. On 5-7-2008 you posted a forum that you had access to one. His model number is 6621 class 2. Can you please email or fax it to me. Thank you
      andrea. andrealledford@gmail.com or 951-767-1471. thank you. if you need
    3. bob smithson
      bob smithson
      Howdy irrig8r. I saw your post about the Oasis Koala-T from 2008(!). I have a couple of 6 station units that need servicing and don't have the instruction manual. You mentioned that you could copy what you have and if you would do that for me I'd sure be grateful. Let me know and I'll send you my address or maybe just email it. Hope business is going well for you. Bob
    4. TPnTX
      oh, just making sure it wasn't african music or somthing. :-)
      Mainly blues and classic rock here. I have gotten pretty good using a hanger while playing guitar.

      Turbolid. I learn something new everyday. thxs
    5. TPnTX
      What do you have there a Lee Oskar? and what the heck is roots music?
    6. 1idejim
      gregg, what methods do you use to find leaks?
      also do you use google earth or the chp incident log for work?
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