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Apr 12, 2016
Feb 18, 2002
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James Cormier

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Apr 12, 2016
    1. BigBUCKEYEfan
      hey dude! this in Mark in Ohio, for some reason my old username got yanked and won't work anymore so went with this one. what the heck have you been up too? Glad to see you at the board here again. i see you got your old tracking system going still? lol can't beat that for sure, the ole KISS method, it works all the time. How's the biking been going? i'm sure with this awesome early start to summer you've been making some runs. We gotta get together again and chat its been too long and yes still got your perma green, modified and running great..lol. I'm about to change to the ground logic machines, almost identical to the perma greens but all stainless steel andmuch better build overall. Well hope to hear from you again soon, have a great day!!!
    2. Good Mowin
      Good Mowin
      Just wondering if that perma green you had was ever sold? If not please let me know Im in NJ & really are in need onf one. Joe Merwin 732-861-1346 Thanks
    3. Jay51
      Hi James. I've been reading your post and wanted to know if you could share some info on adding mosquito spraying to my business. What kind of equipment is needed to start with, skid sprayer, truck etc. Any help would be greatly apprecuated. I'm on the RI/CT border by the casinos.
    4. teamgreendude
      Hi James my name is also James i was looking through your pics and it says you don't do mowing but in one of your pics it shows your aerator towed behind a stander so do you just mow for commercial sites ? sorry for the long post Just trying to clear things up. Thanks James
    5. Jays Green Daze Landscape
      Jays Green Daze Landscape
      Looking over the posts I saw somewhere that you give a potential customer a brochure that the estimate fits into, do you still do this and would you mind showing me an example of one of your brochures? I think this is a brilliant idea but I have never designed a brochure so I was looking for some ideas. Thanks
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