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    1. Asphalt Kid
      Asphalt Kid
      Hello Jason my name is Ricky im from Connectcicut. I have been in business for about 9 years now. I started out in my half ton dodge pick up going door to door using buckets of sealer from home depot & a squeegee. I have learned a thing or two about this business.
      #1 DO NOT USE A TOTE: they can not be cleaned & you can not mix the sealer plus the plastic valve gets stuck.

      #2 YOU DO NOT NEED 500 GALLONS: If you are only doing residential all you would need is 100 gallon to 300 gallon tank just to start off.

      #3 TRASH PUMPS: Trash pumps are O.K. they get the job done but they wearout fast depending on the one you get. But you said that perfection is what you do & if thats the case, then you need a dual diaphram pump 1inch or 1inch and a 1/2 & if you get a diaphram then you need a air compressor (Whole differant story) But being that you are doing residential you can just about get by with a trash pump (I used a few trash pumps & i got by OK but i seen a diaphram & i changed because i do BIG Commercail jobs)

      #4 HOW TO's: you have to edge around things that you don't want to get sealer on like concrete, garage doors, paver stones, siding & things like that, some times people don't like when it gets on their grass but realy it does not hurt the grass just tell them it grows out

      I can tell you more but i have to go right now. I have things to take care of, But i will leave you with this

      I can sell you a
      300 gallon sealcoating tank with a hand agitation system with a 16inch manhole,
      50ft hose,
      6.5 hp 2inch trash pump,
      fittings & connections,
      Spray wand & spray tips,
      All the valves.
      All of this is BRAND NEW NEVER USED ready to go just add SEALER
      Your cost $1,550.00 + Shipping

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