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May 18, 2016
    1. TFLE
      Hello Jay I stumbled upon one of your posts talking about your Hustler mowers. The post is a good 4 years old-ish now but I had some questions for you. You mentioned you did mowing work for government areas and utility companies. How did you get into it? I'm from Pennsylvania so it's not really apples to apples but I'm just looking for ways to expand my footprint and not compete in the residential/commercial building market. I was wondering about the in and out of working for the gas company/electric company ect. My company is no micky mouse operation we will probably have 5 full time guys and multiple trucks running and already do a fair amount of "necessity" work. Graveyards, vacant building lots, trailer parks (surprisingly good money) ect. I would like to use that crew for more lower skilled stuff. Labor intensive but less demand for attention to detail. Let me know your thought or how you got into your current line. Thanks. Tony Fink
    2. landscape46
      Hello Jay, I have a 72" deck that is constantly breaking blade bolts. Did you ever solve the issue and how? Same motor on mine as well. I have the new washer on from Hustler as well. Any help would be appreciated.

    3. rogerclark
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