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Jul 22, 2016 at 5:38 AM
Feb 19, 2008
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Dec 24, 1985 (Age: 30)

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LawnSite Bronze Member, 30, from KANSAS

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Jul 22, 2016 at 5:38 AM
    1. PingPongJack
      you didnt have to edit your post. sometimes you do need to get the **** over it.
    2. mrlpg
      Jbell. Sorry for the lack of response on my part. I haven't checked this site in a bit and I did not get a flag from your response. I know your probably busy, but I left my contact info on my visitor page and would be happy to discuss things further when you have the time.
    3. mrlpg
      j bell- if you would like to know more about propane and what possibilities may be out there for you, please let me know how I can help. I'm right in your back yard here in KS.
    4. Greenway Landscapes
      Greenway Landscapes
      I was reading your post from a while back regarding getting into sprinkler winterization. I was wondering what you found out. I too would like to start blowing out sprinkler systems but can't justify an expinsive air compressor. Did you find a profitable way of doing it efficiently?

    5. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      I love the green shirts. I plan to buy more of them too, probably going to mix in a few different colors like red and blue though that way I "stand out" a little more other than just being seen as oh hey its the lawn guy with them green shirts. Doubt it works out that way but hopefully with different colors people may look a little bit longer than just a small glance.
    6. MidWest Falcon
      MidWest Falcon
      Nope, I'm a teacher and Coach in Derby. Our football program is on it's way back to the top.
    7. fox526
      hey do you know where i can find a list of the "34 upgrades" for the toro grand stand??

      seth fox
    8. skunkbait
      Hey, I am looking at a JD 7H17 48" WB w/ under 200 hours. Have you had good luck w/ your JD WB? What would be a good price for an '05 as described above? thanks for any advice!
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    Dec 24, 1985 (Age: 30)
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