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Dec 20, 2015
Oct 5, 2011
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Champlin, MN

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Champlin, MN

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Dec 20, 2015
    1. perrygdoc
      I saw you have an active email account for Sean and the lawn letter. I can't get through to the guy even though I'm paying for the service. Can you email his email address to me? gdocbiz@yahoo.com

      I'd really appreciate it if you could.
    2. sticklelm
      Whats the difference between a commercial bid proposal and contract? i just handed them a contract with exactly what i'd be doing and all the nitty gritty stuff and then had the total cost and monthly payment. is that ok? or should i do it differently?
    3. Puddle of Oil
      Puddle of Oil
      Well thank you! I actually found that on the internet somewhere from a business consultant. It definitely rings true in every industry.
    4. Greenprecision
      I posted a few but not sure if it changed anything, just email me at cnbarnett@ymail.com and I can get you some more info on the affiliate marketing I've been doing.
    5. Wiedmann
      Hey, seen a post you made about your business and such and you stated you had 1000 door hangers to hand out. how did that work out for you? was it worth it to hand them out or was it a total bust? I'm trying to decide on how to better market and grow my business this spring as was curious since you had mentioned it. thanks!
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    Champlin, MN
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Hardscape
    • Snow Removal & Ice Management


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