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    1. New2TheGreenIndustry
      Where are you located and where are you trying to build business? Doing lawns or more irrigation? I'll keep you in mind as I don't really mess with irrigation beyond repair breaks and heads.
    2. New2TheGreenIndustry
      Hi Jeff,

      Perennial Lawn & Landscape. We cover all of Athens and Oconee county. Where 'bouts are you working?
    3. GALAWN
      Hi, I currently am in the marietta area and looking to spread out. I own Vista Turfcare which only does lawn applications and no cutting or maint. We are currently doing everything we can to add customers for this upcoming year. We are trying to find someone small and local like us (130 accounts) to partner with. If you currently offer the fert and pre programs that we do then obviously that wouldn't work too well, but if you don't then maybe we could work something out that is beneficial to both of us. We could give you another service to offer your customers potentially. Please message me or give me a call at 7707225867 if you would be interested in discussing. Thanks for your time. --Scott Adams
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