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Feb 2, 2016
Jan 29, 2009
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LawnSite Senior Member, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Feb 2, 2016
    1. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      Hey Jeff it has been a while since I have been on L.S. Thought I would see how you are doing? I am still plugging away, just found that working solo I have decided that I am happy with the status quoi and business as usual. This season I am going to two half days of cutting and two full days.
      doing this will give me the flexibility to take some long weekends to enjoy my hobbies and family.
    2. takem
      I would take 60 for the PA pesticide training materials if you wanted to pick it up.
    3. Proline7
      What's your bottom line on the mower? I'm a homeowner and am interested in buying now.
    4. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      To all my friends here on lawnsite,
      I hope that 2013 brings everyone health, wealth and a safe new year. This winter the Denver metro-area has had very little snow, so I am looking forward to getting the mowing season started. Our last youngster is getting ready to graduate high-school and looking forward to going to college (he wants to become an Astro-Physicist). I have considered expanding my clientele base some but not sure I want to do that yet.
      I kind of wondered what all you guys and gals have in store for the New Year?
      I am hoping that buy the next mowing season it will be clear where our economy will be headed. There are so many issues that affect the way we are able to run things and I am less of a risk taker than most. I refuse to go in debt for any Biz. needs. So my goals are up in the air right now. I was just wondering what some of your thoughts are?
      Good luck, David of J&D Greens
    5. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
    6. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      Hi, Jeff
      I figured you where swamped, I have been too up until now. The snow put a stop to clean-up work until we get enough warm days to melt all that snow. I hope to at least get to the gutters on the properties I have left. (3) to clean-up. I have a couple of junipers to trim. Do you know if it is OK to trim these in these kind of temps? I would Imagine so but not sure, but they are to out of control right now to wait.

      That sucks about the scam. We have to be more and more careful these days. People Who do these things have no regard for anyone but, it will come back to bite them in the butt some day. (or after they die). I have had to learn this a few times my self. You will be OK.

      I did buy that truck a while back. It cost me $2 grand and ($700.00 to get it to pass emissions). It has a plow but it needs a new scraper but other than that the plow seems fine. I do not plan on using it (the plow) at this time because I am doing 10-12 accounts (only 2 commercial with no parking lots) depending on wether I get there before the neighbor get them. I figure I can do a better job of putting the snow where it needs to go with my blowers. I am still working on getting the truck ready to use. I want to get the side boards done up nice and it needs to be wired for the trailer and I need to find the hot wire for the back-up lights and get them install under the brake-lights on the flat-bed. I am also going to build some extra strong ramps for it. (some day I hope to get a Honda Quad 4X4 with a blade.) more of a toy for work and play you know.

      I was exploring lawn-site and came across a thread about this mower Ybravo 21" or 25" walk-behind mower. About 90% of the guys who use them that chimed in on this thread were raving about them. So I checked to see if there are any dealers here in the Denver area. There is one down in Colo-Springs so I am going to drive down there and check them out. I would love to add a good 25" mower to my fleet because I think if it is as good as they say my small lawns would look better with slightly bigger strips and I would save time as well. If you look at this thread let me know what you think?
      Well keep working hard, Take care David
    7. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      Hey, what's up. Are you busy with snow clearing? We have had 5 storms of between 4" to 6" already this season, nothing like last season as we only had about 5 all season long. Three storms in the past 5 days. I can handle storms like these. I hope this will be a steady winter this year. How are things going? I have not seen any post on your thread for quit a while, I hope that is because you are so busy that you had no time and better things to do. Have a good Christmas and I look forward to hearing how things are going. Later David
    8. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      Hi Jeff,
      Sorry you are having troubles with you help. I hope it can be resolved. My son and his friend are helping me on the days I don't mow. It is nice to have help to help with cleaning up after trimming bushes or just about any menial task like that.
      I needed a break bad, my son and I are going to go up to the hills two weeks from now for the meteor showers. It is a incretable veiw in the mountains away from all the lights. I hope your days off are as restful.
      I look forward to seeing your updated pics. on your thread. Later David
    9. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      How things going Jeff? I have been working my tail off out here lately. (lots of rain and warm evenings hot days = long grass = long days)
    10. YardGal
      Hey Jeff! Thanks for the ADD! Have a great day! :)
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