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Jun 2, 2016
    1. Guzzo856
      Hey i see were in the same area. Where do you dump. I go to the cape may recycling but its way to expensive. Thanks
    2. powerstroke man
      powerstroke man
      I had to get rid of it, cause of some remarks that were made about my wife, i can take a joke and even critisium, but when loved ones and family members who have nothing to do with the thread get envolved it's different. i talked to ls about the remarks and they didn't seem to care about what these people said. so i had them remove my thread. i started my thread to give guidence and insperation to others not to fight with others, its ashame i had to get rid of the post, and thank you for respecting me with you comments that you made. I have put my heart and sole into growing this company the right way and iam proud of it. thats why i figured i'd post my things to help others acchive their goals. thanks again for your respect towards my company, maybe i'll be on plowsite this winter. best of luck to you..
    3. RJS L&D
      RJS L&D
      If you like you can call me 908-930-3307! Thank You Rob
    4. JerseyGreen
      Yes it is still for sale. I had to use it for two days last week, so it has about 325 hours now. Everything still works great.
    5. PremierLand
      Is your Walker still for sale? If so, PM me.
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    Jersey Green landscaping, LLC
    Michael T. Brandenberger Jr.
    ICPI Certified Installer
    2004 Chevy 2500 4x4
    1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Ext. Cab
    1993 Ford F-350 Stakebody
    2009 48'' Great Dane Scamper 17 HP
    36'' Great Dane Scapmer 15 HP
    16 HP Billy Goat leaf loader
    And a ton of other stuff