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    1. Ducko
      Today I was driving by a few driveways I did last season and was disappointed when I saw that they were faded in some areas. This bothers me because I really want to be known for proper, and professional work. A lot of the fading looked like a combination of salt and shovel marks. I use Black Mac and I do not cut my product. Was the problem with my pressure when I was spraying? I was thinking that I sprayed a light layer of sealant on these driveways which caused the fading.
      I will be posting this question on the message board but I wanted to ask you first since you have been such a great help and have experience in the sealing game. In no way would I want to compromise my product. However, I want to know if there is a way for me to enhance my product so it would last longer. My tank fills about 350L of BlackMac. I was thinking if adding a mixture of acrylic sealant (1 pail) would help in the longevity. Do you have any knowledge when it comes to cutting BlackMac?

      Thanks, Mike
    2. Ducko
      Hey JF,

      40-50% increase?! That's fantastic. Congratulations bro! I'm itching to get out there and start sealing. The weather is not warm enough yet though. It's frustrating! I am hoping to start sealing when it gets to about 10 degrees in the day and at the very least 2 degrees at night. Do you think that the temperature range works for sealing? I REALLY do not want to mess up anybody's driveway. If I have to tell them to stay off the driveway for an extra day I will do that.
    3. Ducko
      Hey JF,

      How are you? How did your season turn out? I hope you passed your expectations ;)

      I have a question. I know that you shouldnt seal once it gets below 10 degrees but I have an opportunity to do a few jobs this week.

      The temperature in Toronto is around 5-8 degrees. How rigid is that "temperature rule" of 10 degrees? In your opinion/experience what temperature is the absolute lowest for me to seal?

      Thanks in advance!

      Seal of Approval Property Services
    4. I_am_a_beginner
      Merci beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à mes questions! C'est vraiment apprécieé. J'en aurai peut-etre d'autres un jour :) Bonne saison
    5. I_am_a_beginner

      Je viens de Québec et je suis souvent sur le forum de lawnsite et je viens de voir ton user name. Je présume que tu es bilingue, je prend la chance de t'écrire en francais. Mon ami et moi avons démarrer une entreprise d'entretien paysager il y a de cela 3 ans. On est rendu a 106 clients et on a passé nos permis pour pouvoir faire de la fertilisation et du traitement de gazon. J'avais quelques questions pour toi si tu veux bien. J'aimerais savoir si tu as déja utilisé de l'engrais avec du fer pour controler les mauvaises herbes ou si tu as deja utiliser du fiesta? Est-ce que sa fais bien le travail ou c'est préférable de prendre du Dicamba? Est-ce que tu as déja travailler avec le Dicamba? Est-ce que c'est dur faire les mixes? Est-ce que tu faisais des applications completes sur tout le terrain ou seulement sur les mauvaises herbes?


    6. Ducko
      Hi JFGauvreau,

      I really appreciate your posts and comments. You seem to have a strong understanding of this industry as well as professional etiquette. What I want to ask you is, how do I winterize my sealent and sealing machine?

      I have a little bit of sealent left and I was looking to place the sealent in some pails with a securable lid. Would that be safe to keep in my house?

      Also, how do I clean my tank and hose? I was looking to filter diesel fluid in it and flush it out.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated
    7. jbeal88
      Hey, I was wondering if you would mind answering a question. I noticed that you have posted some very useful information to other members questions. My business partner and I have acquired all of the equipment to start seal coating this season. The problem is that even though we asked a number of questions we missed a major one. We had an individual make us a spray system in order to try and save a few dollars. The problem is that after the completion of the tank he told us that we could not use a sand mixture in the spray system because it would destroy the pump. From what I knew and after further research I found the importance of having sand in a seal coating mixture upon application. The guy who made us the machine says that he simply sprinkles sand on inclines. My partner and I strive to be honest and provide the best quality that we can. My question is could we get by without sacrificing quality and just spreading sand with a spreader or manually until having some positive cash flow and purchasing better equipment. Or will having this machine make providing great quality even if we have to make a little bit more effort by spreading sand or other means impossible? I apologize for the long post on your page but the question has been bothering me and you seem to have a good amount of experience in the industry. If you want instead to email me you can reach me at Jbeal@liberty.edu
      Thanks, Josiah
    8. AzLawnMan
      How do you like the Dodge truck? I am thinking about a new truck and I currently drive a ford but not really happy with the motor. So I was thinking of a Dodge diesel or chevy 2500 diesel. Dont anyone in AZ that has a dodge, everyone either has a chevy or ford. Thanks.
    9. Ducko
      Thanks for all your help. Yes your right I have a landscaping business and I was planning on attacking all of my previous contracts. :)

      I feel that I can be successfull in the seal coating business but as you know the competition can cause problems with getting jobs and keeping my prices competitive.

      From what I understand most contractors are charging between 80-100/driveway. These would be for 3 car driveways. Although there a lot of mickey mouse competitors. What they lack is effective marketing. I seldomly see flyers in my mailbox in regards to sealing and I hope that I can really attack that area of marketing.

      What equipment would you recommend I buy. machine, sprayer, type of product to use.

      Once again thanks for your help. I see that your all over this forum and I have gained a lot of knowledge from your posts.
    10. matt10486
      email me when you have some time... matt10486@verizon.net i have some questions for you. Thanks,Matt
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