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Jul 6, 2016
Dec 28, 1999
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LawnSite Fanatic, from Beaverton, OR

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Jul 6, 2016
    1. macgruff69
      I saw an old post on the Rainbird esp smote controller and you stated you have an 8 page guide you give to people. Could you send me the guide?

      Thank you
    2. HeritageLL

      I recently came across a thread from 2008 where you refer to the spread sheet that you use for bidding jobs and found it very informative. I know many things such as this are kept within the companies walls, which I understand. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the spread sheet with me, just the set up and how it works / looks, not the prices. If not I understand and will still continue to read your post to learn from you. My email is Jonathan@HeritageLL.com if you would want to send it.

      Here is the link to the post that I am referring to:


      Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading more of your post.

      Jonathan G.

      Residential Accounts Manager

      Heritage Lawn and Landscape
    3. Thrivestw

      I saw one of your posts awhile back about how you could see the EZ Flow drainage as a potential product for french drains. Did you ever use them or have you stuck with gravel and fabric. I'm trying to address soggy/standing water areas in a front yard.

    4. cowboymowing

      I have always found your posts to be the most informative on Lawnsite and greatly appreciate the information you share.
      I know that your crews leave checklists for their residential clients each visit. I feel it keeps the clients in the loop and negates any potential issues on weather or not specific services were performed.
      How are your checklists set up and how do you leave them for the client. My biggest concern is how can we leave the checklist for a client without rubber banding it to a door handle or sticking it under a door mat? My only solution so far is a sticky note type stationary that sticks to the front door. Do you use a company to provide a printed stationary like that, or is there another viable solution?
      I appreciate any info you could provide on the subject.
      You can reach me personally at chance@cowboymowing.com
      Thank You!
    5. CollegeMowers
    6. KUtravis
      Jim, I was reading your post the other day about getting customers to sign up for auto pay. I am very interested in learning how you do that. Plus I have many questions about expanding into landscaping and irrigation. If you get the time would you email me at tmullen5@yahoo.com

    7. oqueoque
      I was checking out your website. It is one of the best, if not the best, that I have seen & I am going to have a designer make one for me this month. I noticed on your warranty page, 5 year warranty, that the word flagstone was spelled flagstoone with two o's on the left hand side next to Hardscapes ( Patios, Pavers. I had some questions for you & if you don't mind I will check back later. I thought I would tell you this before I forgot.
    8. Dirt Mover
      Dirt Mover
      Can you forward me your bid data collection if also? tom@tmillergroup.com
    9. Green Envy
      Green Envy
      Here is my email brandon.atchison79@gmail.com I would love to discuss this with you.

    10. camner
      I also give them a 8-page booklet I wrote that really helps explain some concepts to people so they won't freak out. [....]
      Anyone who wants a copy of that book can PM me with their email address.

      My email address is <lawnsite@camner.net>, and I'd love a copy of your 8-page booklet.

      Thanks very much.
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