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    1. InTheCut
      Saw your post a few years back about on a thread titled: "mowing down a 60 degree slope" You mentioned when in High School you had a summer job working at fuel pipeline storage facility cutting the dike wall. Though u might get a good read out of this thread:

    2. dowtyt
      Found some of your posts on here and had a question relating to Husqvarna's. Everyone seems to think the Lowes version, or any box store for that matter, is not the same quality mower as you would get buying from a Lawn business company. Is there any truth to that? I'm considering the 54" 24 HP Kawasaki that Lowes sells for $4499 and I'm not exactly sure if it is the same one as the MZ5424S on the Husq website or not? Would you consider that commercial grade? I'll be averaging 4 riding accounts, so 8 1-3 acre mows per month. That's still small time as far as I'm concerned. I posted a new thread about mid-grade ZTR's if you want to post there? Thanks
    3. ronzimm
      Hey Jim, Been following this site and hope I did right. I just purchased a new 6029. I have demo a scag turf tiger, simplcity cobalt and a super Z. I have not got a chance to mow with the PZ yet. I was reading that I should use high lift blades. I hope it stripes to my liking. I just sold my exmark that i used for the last 6 yrs. Deck was limited, it was the triton deck.

      Thanks, Ron Z.
    4. StanWilhite
      Hi Jim, since you've always really impressed me with your knowledge of mowers, I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. Do you feel that drive pumps/motors can be harmed by using them at less than 1/2 throttle? I have a large part of my yard that is covered by tress and the grass is VERY thin so I'm tempted to mow at much lower than full throttle but obviously don't want to damage anything. What do you think?
      Thank you in advance, and good luck on your new venture. If peoples' response to you on this board is any indication, you should do very well!
      Stan in N AL
    5. T Total Lawncare
      T Total Lawncare
      Been a while since i talked to you. I sent a email to your old address and i got a automated response saying your not with Husky anymore. All I could think was is great.......... Now what am I gonna do with this mower... Anyway shoot me a message. Love to hear what's going on with you now. Hope you have improved your plight since leaving Husky..
    6. castlerockmo
      hey Q

      How was the beach? I sure would like to go about now!

      Props on the P-ZT I really Like it! I think I have my Dealer talked into ordering one in. His rep said that there havent been that many orders for them yet. I honestly would like to trade my Kodiak in on one! I really want that deck over the tunnel force. Oh well I guess I will have to wait till the kodiak is out of warrenty.

      well are you going to join the exmark team with the closing of the plant? honestly I really want you to leave.

      I hope you and the new Mrs Q are doing well!
    7. castlerockmo
      Hey Jim thank you for the selector valve I am going to put it on asap. I did have a quik question, The new deck that will be on the new kodiak will it mount up to my kodiak? if not is there a way to make it work? The reason I ask is that deck cut alot better than the current tunnel design does. If not I guess im stuck, But I want a better cut quality.

    8. mwood
      I read in a post where you were in engineering at Dixon. I have 2007 Grizzly 72", and have had a recurring problem. Where the electric clutch that engages the blades is attatched to the chasis with a small bracket and chain-link type piece of metal, has given me trouble. On the first occasion the chain link broke, letting the clutch spin, and the wires were pulled out. My dealer replaced the clutch. The second instance the small bracket broke. The 3rd instance the bracket broke again and I replaced it with a piece of channel iron that I carefully notched to fit in it's place. I haven't had any other major issues, but that definately seems like a weak point. I was wondering if you have seen any others with the issue, or if it's just me. I mow 12 acres here at my home weekly. Thanks, Mike Wood
    9. castlerockmo
      Hey Jim,

      My dealer and i were talking, and he has a guy he thought wanted a PZ. well then this guy threw a curve ball and all of a sudden started saying he wanted a exmark becasuse the deck would be better than the PZ. I wanted to know if you test the exmark along side the PZ and how it did commpared to the lazer. the other thing what is the blade tip speed of the PZ, some one told him and i forget what it was but it sounded awful low.

    10. castlerockmo
      so my dealer tells me there is not going to be a 54 in the grizzly. how come? i had my heart set on one!
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