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Apr 14, 2016
Apr 28, 2009
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Lothian, Maryland

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Apr 14, 2016
    1. mdghs
      Hi Joemower! i talked to you a couple of years about a super b with the 52r deck. I am very happy with the deck and its mulching in wet and dry conditions. It has a 29efi kohler engine and it has been back to the dealer 2 times for engine problems and its still not right. I want to trade it at the end of the mow season for the same machine- MH because the warranty will run out and I do not trust this engine anymore and I am afraid it will get costly if I have to pay for the dealer to repair efi problems in the future. The super b-model H now, operates great but I do find its a little more clumsy to operate the my mt ghs. I am considering a MB with the 23i with the 48" mulch deck. I feel the MB will be easier to operate because its lighter and shorter but I have my doubts on the 48"mulch deck but i want to continue to mulch. Is it possible for you to give your thoughts between the two machines MB23i 48"mulch deck vs MH27i r52 deck in wet dry conditions and manuverability. Thanks Gregg
    2. smokediver216
      Thanks for the reply! I do not know much about the Walker mowers. None in my area, and only used the H Series via a 3 to 4 hour demo. Is the MB series good enough and save some cash or would you stick with the H series?

      Is there any draw backs with having the 52 rear as the only deck? I used it on the demo on a rainy day and it seemed to do fantastic. Does it do good dry wet etc? Is Walker more costly to have worked on and replace parts? If I only do residential I assume that this shouldn't be an issue But I may go commercial

      I am a firefighter 24 on 48 off I am thinking if I need to help make extra cash going commercial with this unit would be a great idea. They say getting a second deck like a 60 Inch is a good way to go with only the cost of one mower, seems like a good idea. Is that really a good option?
      Just nervous at the price. $11,500.00 compared to 8559.00 on the Gravely

      Thanks in Advance,

    3. underESTIMATED
      Whats the money on your 60" grandstand?
    4. mdghs
      Hi joemower! I spoke with you last fall about buying a superb with the 52mulch deck. I will be putting it to work the by end the week. I look foward the using it. Lawns are not growing to fast yet. It has been a cold Spring. Thanks again for your time. Gregg from upstate NY.
    5. cedarhammock
    6. mdghs
      I will call you today. My name is Gregg and my number is 518-421-1654.
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