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LawnSite Bronze Member, from North Georgia

jsslawncare was last seen:
Dec 4, 2014
    1. PTE1
    2. jsslawncare
      They're tough. One of my buddies use to run them.
    3. jeeperscrow
      I'm sure Piedmont is fine. I just didn't like it. The sales guy the day I was there just had no clue what was going on. Couldn't answer any questions...like knew nothing at all about the mowers he was trying to sale. I knew more than him after a few hours of internet research. Then the owner contacted me to apologize and told me he'd get me a good price on one. Then he never contacted me back with a price so I just gave up on them. Decided to go with John Deere and got a 920M on Friday. Plus the Ag Pro in Athens dealer for Deere is more in line with my routes anyway.
    4. jeeperscrow
      Just thought I'd say hi...noticed you're just down the road a bit in Gainesville, I'm up in Commerce. I have a 36" Ferris WB and looking at getting a zero turn from Ferris as well...also looking at Husqvarna and a couple others. I found a dealer for Ferris up in Cornelia. You know of any others in the area? What dealer you use for repairs?
      Well, hoping the cold weather that's coming again soon won't last for long..ready for the grass to start growing! Hope you have a great season!
    5. Southernlandscape343
      Nice to see someone else running Ferris WB's... even better in N.GA!
      You wouldn't happen to have an extra bag would ya? lol
    6. G. Ramey
      G. Ramey
      All my family is from Rabun county. I don't know a lot of them though. My grandfather was Adolphus Ramey. My dad was Jerry.
    7. J&M Lawn Maintenance
      J&M Lawn Maintenance
      what kind of business license do you need in gainesville ga for lawn maintenance
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    All equipment is wore out. <- Never mind. All equipment has been repainted and with new decals. It's like I have new mower's again!
    48" Ferris WB
    36" Ferris WB
    All Echo hand helds
    :hammerhead: <- That's how I feel at the end of the day.