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Apr 25, 2009
Dec 27, 2008
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LawnSite Member, from toronto, ontario (canada)

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Apr 25, 2009
    1. martyman
      Oh...no I wish I had, Ontario's economy is going in the pooper...
    2. Alpha Property
      Alpha Property
      hello, i deal with a friend of the family that is an insurance agent with hope and harder insurance brokers in st. catharines. the underwriters are the economical insurance group. now mind you i'm 20 years old so my insurance is naturaly stupidly high, but i pay $427 a month for my truck, trailer, all my equipment and 1 mill business liability. now this does not cover putting a plow on your truck for the winter months, but it does cover it year round for business use, including pulling my trailer. also if you have employee's you may want to add to this still
    3. Jerry Lee
      Jerry Lee
      hey im glad to help.. be confident with your bid and your business and people will notice you.
    4. Jerry Lee
      Jerry Lee
      oh and the experience thing. i dont think the people that ur going to bid on know about the experience part unless u tell them, just show experience in the work u do and that ought to show them your worth the money. just dont cheat yourself, if a property is worth more than charge them what its worth, but if its justafied at $55 an hour than thats fine too. im charging $80 an hour on this account because of the terrain issues and its worth that much. good luck to you.
    5. Jerry Lee
      Jerry Lee
      oh ur welcome!!! anytime
    6. Jerry Lee
      Jerry Lee
      i think i figured it up at about $80 an hour. at 12 or 14 hours per cut. so if three guys were to mow it that would be 4 - 4 in a half hours of mowing. at about $1000 a cut.
    7. Jerry Lee
      Jerry Lee
      if i were to give u ball park for those three areas combined. i would think its anywhere from 15 to 18 acres i believe. that bid i posted was last years estimate.
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