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KC lawn guy
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May 9, 2012
Nov 6, 2008
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KC lawn guy

LawnSite Member, from kansas city missouri

KC lawn guy was last seen:
May 9, 2012
    1. KC lawn guy
      KC lawn guy
      your a jackoff! hahaha thats kick ass you sold it, see ya in the morning
    2. kc_exactly
      I mow all over. You might see me and my bad ass truck. I am super cool. I have to fight the women off me with a stick. If you ever need a lesson on how to mow and be super bad ass give me a shout.

      It's Jeremy silly. Guess what happened to my business. I had to sell my name. Someone wanted the website and gave me 250 for the address name. How random? Well, talk to you soon.
    3. kc_exactly
      Could you please take the picture of Napoleon off your page. Some of us who actually know him might be offended that you have his picture as if your were his friend.
    4. KCfireman
      you gonna be on on-duty next week? If so that will be the best time for me to come on down.
    5. KCfireman
      by the way, a lot us at the department use txting. In fact thats the only method we really use now to communicate.
    6. KC lawn guy
      KC lawn guy
      ill give you a call
    7. KCfireman
      here's my cell: 913-787-5399, email: DFDe161@hotmail.com or Station # 913-583-1196. Any my names jeff by the way.
    8. KCfireman
      10-4. Class gets out this week, so it'd be not this week, but the week after when im not in class. I'd defintely like to come in and talk to the shift and get some info on the dept. and the academy and do a ride out. Now thats something i would really enjoy. Probaly end up going on more calls in 1 day then we do in a 4 days. I'll send you a PM.
    9. KC lawn guy
      KC lawn guy
      let me know when you want to come down, we work 24-48 the pumper capt. sometimes lets people ride along. it just depends on what kind of mood he is in. just give me a call or e-mail. my phone is 816-898-7246
    10. KCfireman
      That is what i want! Joco is great, dont get me wrong, but....i want to have house fires. Our station just doesnt get enough of them and neither does the whole county. I am aloud to come in a visit some time? I'd really like to come see your guy's rigs, especially that tiller.
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    kansas city missouri
    Services Your Company Provides:


    Cummings Total Lawn Care

    2008 Ford f250 crew cab
    2009 7x14 enclosed
    7x12 trailer
    2010 52" wright stander
    2008 52'' wright stander
    2 stihl fx90
    1 echo stick edger
    1 redmax handheld blower
    1 redmax 8001 backpack blower
    1 stihl br600