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May 4, 2014
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May 4, 2014
    1. kebrowns
      Need some one to do landscaping. I get requests once in a while to do some landscaping but I am primarily a mow n go person
    2. kebrowns
      Is it me or is it just when starting out in lawn care it seems to be a struggle. I have being doing it for a year now. Clients are like roller coasters they go and come and some stay around. I have about 7 regular customers now. The 36inch bobcat mower I have even with new blades takes a while to cut an acre. Sometimes it will cut it in 1hr and sometime 2:30hrs by just going over the stuff it missed cutting. What could be wrong with my mower and is the first year usually like this.
    3. LawnMan19
      Yeah, than I would try and explain to them that's additional work, and their for the cost is going to need be increased to compensate for the additional work.
    4. LawnMan19
      Honestly, if that was not what was not what was originally agreed upon, and priced for I would try and explain to them that it is going to cost more being it is additional work. (How much more grass do they want you to do?)
    5. kebrowns
      thanks will save your number
    6. presnallawncare
      Seen your thread on needing back up help. I am in east carroll county, probably 35-40 mins from fairburn. Give me a call at 770-639-8683 if interested.
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    Fairburn, Georgia
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    1998 dodge ram 1500 V6
    3500 PSI Pressure Washer.
    21" Snapper Push Mower.
    36" Walk behind bobcat Mower with sulky.
    Echo/stihl stuff
    5 by 10 trailer.
    Commercial Pesticide License#:19195
    and a little bit of JESUS

    Don't Quit Try Harder!!