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Kelly's Landscaping
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Jul 23, 2016 at 6:26 PM
Dec 24, 2003
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May 26, 1970 (Age: 46)
Milford CT

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Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member, 46, from Milford CT

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Viewing thread How do u price hedges in with mowing?, Jul 23, 2016 at 6:26 PM
    1. Kelly's Landscaping
      Kelly's Landscaping
      my bottom line is $1500 on the 18 fradan gona pick it up tomorrow cost me $210 but the fuel system is all cleaned up and shes running the way she is suppose to again.
    2. sven1277
      How much are you looking for your Fradan blower? Thanks, Steve.
    3. Kelly's Landscaping
      Kelly's Landscaping
      It's a feature from Google called My Maps. I agree its 1000% better then the guys who settle for a service area circle. Even in my home town there are streets I just won't do because of parking issues. It's nice to be able to slice out areas you don't do so untenable potential clients eliminate them selves.
    4. Town Line Lawn Care LLC
      Town Line Lawn Care LLC
      I really like the Service Area Map you have on your web site. I was wondering how you created it.
    5. andrewnguyen81
      That is so true about the employee. I see a decline in my bottom line every month this season. I am also running the reports to find out what needed to be done.
    6. Kelly's Landscaping
      Kelly's Landscaping
      Keep a tight grip on their hours and what you pay your employees. For some reason guys in our trade expect like a dollar raise each year and eventually price them selves out of a job. I gave up on having employees for many reasons one I was not making anything close to respectable for the last 3 seasons I had them. And retirement has to be considered and at a certain point in ones life they have to accept that something isn't working and make a change.

      I will be tweaking what we did this year and see if I can improve my numbers. I can see I am going to fall short of my 200k goal by 10-15k but I can also see it was doable I just had some bad luck in some areas. For instance March was a dud and Sept I was 6k light because of the drought skips last month.

      But if your making money then keep growing it and see where it takes you.
    7. andrewnguyen81
      Hello Kelly's Landscaping. I really appreciate reading all your posts. I am on my 3rd year owning this lawn care business. i have around 150 accounts. I do not mow with the guys. Basically I send them out everyday ( 5 days a week) to mow. They mowed around 20-25 houses a day. I would like to know if you have any advice for me, if you have time. I really really appreciate your input.
    8. Kelly's Landscaping
      Kelly's Landscaping
      I had a 4 man company for about 11 years sometimes a few more than that. We decided to eliminate them and cut the low profit accounts and long drive time stuff whats left is what we have now. My partner and I have 170 accounts he does 95 I do 75. We each take a full rig and mow solo we bring in 600-700 a day each for 4 days so thats 5000 a week roughly just from mowing. Then on Friday he chases his fertilizer and lime work thats about 1000 a week. I do my pruning which is another 500 a week then on Saturday I can either do more of that or combine forces and do mulch or seeding work. So figure on a conservative side 6000 a week times 4.2 weeks a month and you will come up with 25k a month. As far as hours we work about 11 a day for mowing days the other days we work less 8-10. The advantages I have over your set up is my business is built I don't need to chase much work. Also we have the equipment we want so its very efficient if there's an easier way we do it.
    9. Haake
      Hey I saw the post you had on my thing and I don't get how you can make 25k a month? How is that possible? Do you work like 12 hr days and 7 days a week? If you are really doing this you make 200k in 8 months?? WOW
    10. yardguy plus
      yardguy plus
      maybe I'm just lucky or immune to the dust.....lol
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    May 26, 1970 (Age: 46)
    Milford CT
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Seeding & Sodding
    A 2 man company that down sized from having employees. We now maintain 150-170 lawns per season. And generate revenue of 80-100k annually per man.

    We discovered significantly greater reward and income with out the aggravation of the employee model company.