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Kennedy Landscaping
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May 24, 2015
Apr 6, 2008
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El Dorado Kansas

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Kennedy Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic, from El Dorado Kansas

Kennedy Landscaping was last seen:
May 24, 2015
    1. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      Thanks man, it's just a learning game, live and learn. I've done alot of experimenting with stuff to do what works best. Just like with my box, I shredded leaves into it last season and it will hold a ton of shredded leaves. I can do a day's worth of cleanups with it. The majority of leaves are bagged up and the only ones that get shredded are from the beds and such. Plus, we don't clean up a ton of leaves all at one time, it's pretty gradually done. The reason for enclosing the box is because when I shredded leaves into it before it would have alot of blowout. But not anymore. It will be just fine for me.
    2. staytonlawncare
      Thanks for your response. That is exactly what I was looking for. This is my first season so I expected to make some mistakes. Hoping next year will treat me better. Good luck to you and keep up the good work. I will continue to follow your thread.
    3. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      I used to get that alot on this site too, people bashing all the time. When I bid mowing jobs, it's just how long I think it will take me. If I think it will take me 45 minutes the price is about $45. Keep in mind, our rates around my area are pretty low. But I still make pretty decent money doing this, like they say, mowing pays the bills, it's the projects where you bring in the real money. If a yard takes me 25 minutes, that's about the price. On mowing it's pretty much a dollar a minute unless it's a tiny lawn, I won't drop the gate for less than $25. On landscapes, I've underbid my fair share of jobs from learning. Normally though, I figure up my materials, mark those up a little bit, add a pickup fee of about $15 or so. Then add in labor, I normally get between 25-30 for landscape work. Like I said, rates are low around here. Same with tree jobs, I charge hourly currently, but next season it will be structured like mowing is. I did hourly this season as it was my first season in tree work. This season I've been coming out with pretty good profits doing things the way I have. I think I answered your question, if I didn't feel free to text me if you text. 316-323-7062. Or my email is kg.ml@hotmail.com
    4. staytonlawncare
      So following your thread you seem to be a pretty down to earth guy. I have asked a few questions on the general forum page and people have jumped down my throat because I am just an independent not a large company. What I would like to know from you is, how do you bid jobs. Do you bid a set price or do you bid by the hour? This seems to be my biggest problem. I have under bid several jobs and once you bid your stuck. Luckily I have overbid several jobs and gotten them to make up the difference. I need to come up with a good way to bid and feel comfortable. Do you have a certain $ per hour you try to be around?
    5. just in time
      just in time
      hey freak i got some new pics if u didn t see them and tell me what u think
    6. MileHigh
      Should be a good season...
    7. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      I'd jump on it in a heartbeat if I was out there man. You got alot lined up for the season?
    8. MileHigh
      It's a very easy thing to become a sub.

      Guys that plow commercial are looking for good RELIABLE sidewalk crews alot of the time.

      Wish you were out here...I would hire you and your buddies so fast as I am currently looking for sidewalk guys...LOL!...hell, let you run the half ton plow truck...
    9. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      I've tried to get into subbing for the past two years but the guys around here normally do it by themselves. The businesses downtown though have no front parking lot, only rear, which is city public parking. But the sidewalk that runs along the front of the buildings is the building owners responsibility so I think I'll hit up a bunch of those businesses to see about doing the walks out front. I would love to do sub work though.
    10. MileHigh

      Did you ever think about starting a shovel crew for this winter (3 or 4 shovelors) and becoming a sub contractor for sidewalks on commercial sites?..There all over the place over here..usually younger guys probably working there way towards plowing. You can charge hourly per man hour, and make a margin on each guy and make a good amount of bread this winter. I don't know what your commercial scene is like out there, but if there is any...there will be spots open for subs on sidewalks...
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    El Dorado Kansas
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    In Business, Hard At It, Always Ready To Take On More Work. Love Talking To LCO's My Age As Well.

    Talking With Other LCO's, Working On My Truck, Doing "Business Stuff", Working Hard,


    Kennedy Landscaping

    1994 F-150 XLT 4X4 8' Uni-Mount
    1995 7.3L F-250 XLT 4X4 9' Uni-Mount & Pro Flo Spreader
    2009 7x14 Trailmaster
    2003 7x18 Trailmaster

    48" Walker MT GHS
    36" Walker MC GHS
    48" John Deere Hydro W/B
    21" Husqvarna XT7
    Stihl KM-90 W/ FS-KM
    Stihl FS-85R Trimmer
    Stihl FC-95 Stick Edger
    Stihl BR-550&600 Backpack Blower
    Stihl BG-86 Handheld Blower
    Stihl HS-45 Hedge Trimmers
    Snapper Commercial Power Rake/Slit Seeder
    Ryan Aerator
    Husqvarna 235 Chainsaw 16" Bar