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Jul 9, 2016
    1. 504mal
      What's up Kajun I am a newbie on here but I have been doing Lawncare all my life I have a small lawn care down here in port sulphur just wanted to know do you think it too late to still put flyers out I see your nice rig sometimes when I am in town
    2. Kleen Kutz
      Kleen Kutz
      What's up Jacob? How things been going? I bet you loving all this rain huh!
    3. jca57jd
      Hey man, I can't figure out a private message on here. I just wanted to let you know that a good friend of mine just bought a brand new 299 xhp (0 hours) for 75 before tax! Good luck on your purchase you have success all over you!
    4. JeffH1
      Hey man, quick question for you. What size is the trailer you had pictured in the 2013 Rig picture thread? Is that a 7x16?
    5. zacher

      Just a question I saw you had a small tractor and I wasnt planning on it but I may run into a scenario where Ill be getting a tractor and brush hogging attachment at the back for little to nothing from a family friend who is moving. Anyways my question to you is barring bad terrain and wet ground so for example. A flat park ground. How much do you usually charge per acre? I know you probably go off hourly rate. But whats the hourly rate then for when the tractor comes off the trailer? Just trying to get a ballpark figure. In my are most people dont need brush hogging but I am setting up a portion of my company that works on food plots for hunting seasons.
    6. LLL357

      I got to do a large flower bed in Hammond and wanted to know if you had any nurseries etc that you deal with in that area?
    7. EH909
      Just want to start by saying congrats on everything you have achieved up to date and best of luck with the future. I'm doing my lineman apprenticeship and once I can get on with a utility I want to start a part time business and pick up a ctl for grading and doing tree work. Any suggestions on best way to start getting tree work? Types of courses or training that will benifit? When your doing tree work do you climb at all? Also how to you compete with designated tree service companies? Thanks for your time.
    8. SterlingLawn&Landscape
      Hey there, Little newer to the site but not to landscaping. I've been seeing a lot of really good feedback provided by you all over so I figured I'd introduce myself
    9. JeffInTexas

      I had a few questions for you regarding EDDM and wanted to run a few things by you if you have some extra time. My e-mail is Thanks.
    10. greenchoppers
      My name is Kevin Babin. I own Green Choppers, LLC in Thibodaux. I was wondering if you know of or maybe have done work for Louisiana Landscape Specialty and/or Gary Schexnaildre? They are wanting me to do some sub work but something just doesn't seem right. Thanks.
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