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Apr 23, 2016
Mar 19, 2007
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Hampstead, MD

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Hampstead, MD

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Apr 23, 2016
    1. WishforScagWildcat
      Hey, cool Stuff wish You the Best. I just started in the Lawncare field a year ago with a buddy of mine from school. Wish I had Your Gear. I would like it if you could tell me about how i should go about running this small side bizz. if you could. Im very smart and sort of unfortunately know more about Equipment than running a Business. Please Respond!
    2. mrlandscaper
    3. Schrock Lawns
      Schrock Lawns
      hey kreft i was wondering how much your 5500 cost
    4. kreft
      well gator,

      his advice is to call local contractors, better yet, go to there office in person and see if they have any internships. Thats how he did it with a plumber years ago. lol

      My dad does commercial construction, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals.

      I'm going to the tech center now, for landscaping. than plan on going to UMD for sports feild management.

      I'm not sure of the insurance thing though. im more in the feild, while my dad is in the office or down at the shore.

      I hope that helps, if you have any other questions ask.

    5. gatorgrass
      Well I noticed that you said your dad is a superintendent for a construction company. I am currently serving my fifth year at the University of Florida for building construction and want to work in the field when I complete graduate school. It seems like your father is doing quite well for himself and your family. I would like to hear his advice on getting an internship or job when I graduate and how he ranks working in the construction industry to working in the landscaping/lawn maintenance business.

      As for your lawn and landscape business, I believe you all have a very nice looking set up and you have quite the ambition. I too have a lawn and landscape business here in Gainesville and love getting to be my own boss, plus I get make much more money than I would if I worked for someone else. I've bought two new Exmark's this summer, a Lazer and a TTHP. It seems like I am growing quite quickly from when I started on my own at the beginning of last summer. Don't let people discourage you because you have a supportive family who can help you out. I too have a supportive family who has helped me out, though I personally own all of my equipment except the Lazer which I financed.

      I'd love to try cutting some northern grass, I'm so used to this southern grass. Striping looks fun. I am looking into going after commercial accounts and have been procrastinating getting liability insurance, because all I do now is residentials. How much do you all pay for insurance and how do you go about putting in a bid for a property. It's funny I'm going to school learning all about bidding and estimating for construction, but I can't figure out how to do a commercial lawn bid.

      What type of construction does your dad do? My ideal goal would be to get a good construction job when I am out of school and to also run my lawn business. What are your plans for school?

      I'm sorry that I seem to be rambling, I'm just trying to put off this autocad assignment.

      I'd rather be cutting.
    6. gatorgrass
      Hey I've got some questions for you and your dad. Could you PM me or email me at gatorgrass@gmail.com. I'd PM you , but I have no idea how to do it.


    7. kreft
      thanks, it's a L185
    8. WillieWonka1850
      Nice New Holland.
      What model?
    9. kreft
      Well, I would love to answer your questions.

      Whats up?
    10. tstutz
      hi i have read a few of you post and i love your checkering thread. I would like to become friends. maybe you can teach me some of your secrets. i would love to have someone answere my questions because like i said i am trying to make my business big and i am pretty inexperienced.
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