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Jan 27, 2013
Nov 29, 2011
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Landis Roof Cleaning

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Jan 27, 2013
    1. Moose's Mowing
      Moose's Mowing
      cool, good deal man. I'm pretty much shut down for the winter except for snow service...HA. but I'm back to teaching school full time and I'm starting another side business currently in real estate. But come spring when I get back to mowing, I'll keep the soft wash in mind for my customers. I just bought a brand new mower yesterday so I'm planning to triple my clients for this coming year. If I hit that goal I'm sure I can land you a few jobs in the area. I'll be in touch, thanks man
    2. Moose's Mowing
      Moose's Mowing
      hey Bud,

      I'm in Berks Co as well. Just saw your post in the intro forum. I just started a small property maintenance company last fall. I mow, mulch, do high weed mowing, brush clearing and I'll be plowing snow this winter.

      I might have some business for you. I'll take a look at a few of my customers homes this week when I'm out mowing and see about up-selling your service. I have two upper scale homes in a ritzy neighborhood, but both could use some serious work. If you could give me some guidelines as to how you bid or what the price per sf would be, I could possibly give my clients a ballpark to consider. I'm in Bernville and Birdsboro is too far for me to come down to mow grass, but if I can drum up some business for you in my area, maybe we can work something out, maybe like 10% finders fee for anything you land I recommend to you?? Either way, if you're up in my area anytime, swing by and get me some of your business cards.
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    Owner/Operator of a small exterior remodeling company since 2004. I'm alway's looking for new business opportunities. I continually looking to learn about new trades and soak in the wealth of knowledge from these types of boards, while giving back by


    Landis Roof Cleaning

    Barry Landis


    Serving Berks, Montgomery, & Chester County​