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Jul 7, 2016
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Jul 7, 2016
    1. Tomt
      The messages u sent don't relate to the efi., other subjects
    2. Homer31
      when you "clean up" the journal, you always want note the direction of rotation of the crank & then finish towards the engine internals. When you do it that way, the micro finish will direct the oil back to the engine when the crank is turning. If the seal is a lip seal with garter spring, make sure the helix (if there is one) on the lip is also directing the oil back into the engine, otherwise you have the wrong seal. Finally, the slightest nick on the lip will allow a leak to develop. Use a protector as noted by another responder. The seal is designed to leak microscopic amounts of oil to keep it lubed. Always make sure some grease is present when new, for break in. Also, the OD where the seal mates w/the case has to be clean & nick free. Could it be leaking there? Lastly, if you can get two seals in there, you could drill a drain back in the internal seals metal body at say 7-8 o'clock or into the engines case itself.
    3. Patrickckckck
      If you have found how to resolve the problem with the oil linking from the rear seal. please I will really appreciate if you can contact me and let me know what you done there..
      I re-built the engine and still not working..
      Never again with Kohler..

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