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Dec 11, 2004
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lawn king

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Jul 26, 2016 at 7:19 AM
    1. superintendent
      I see you have a kubota what size and how do you like it. Have you had a JD and if so which do you like better
    2. lawn king
      lawn king
      I do not spread and spray at the same time, not blanket sprays anyway. I think you are crazy to backpack when you have a ride on. start with a non hot mix to feel out the machine. the forward progress of the machine does not drift the spray swath. there are plenty of lco's operating these sprayers that are not cooking lawns?
    3. afatone
      Sorry to pester you again re: spraying w/XP. Still only using it for granular app's. mainly on sport fields and accounts w/acreage. Getting to the 1,000,000 sq ft mark with my accounts and need to make a decision whether I can use this machine to spray on residential properties 15,000 sq ft or less. I am currently back packing it still and I am contemplating skid sprayer in back of truck or using the XP. My concern with the XP is still how hot the mixture is as well as while spreading fert. and spraying at the same time is your turn width the same. Last concern is the droplet size on the spray tips. Seems awfully "misty" where not only wind would blow it but the wind created by the speed of the machine would blow it. I am just not convinced yet with the spraying capabilities of this machine. Please provide me with any feedback or suggestions you may have for me. Thanks in advance.
    4. lawn king
      lawn king
      It does trim spray with the left and center nozzles, only the right turns off.
    5. jgoddard8409
      Hey, was hoping you could give me some info on the Cub Cadet Spreader Sprayer.

      Does it have the option of trim setting on 3-4'wide (center sprayer only) then full width 9-10' wide??

      I dont think it does but I thought I would ask an owner for the facts.

    6. wadesblades
      I just got one and was hoping you could tell me the output for the sprayer tanks without figuring it out myself. My product, 3 way, calls for 1.5 oz per 1000, but I need to know what the app rate or how many sq ft each of the 5 gallon tanks cover. Any help would be great. I noticed you said 15000 sq ft per tank, so how much product, and water would I mix in each tank. Thanks a bunch.
    7. afatone
      I was hoping you could help me w/the XP once again. I have logged about 60+ hours on it for granular fert. applications. Love it! I still have been timid to use it for spraying. My question to you would be how wide are your turns while spraying? Are you turning the same as when you are spreading? While spreading, I usually make turns so my left throw hits the tire mark from the previous row. Seems to be working well. I am very careful/accurate w/my spraying and scared TO DEATH to make a mistake w/this machine. Any advice would be well appreciated. THANKS!
    8. lawn king
      lawn king
      Afatone, i sent you a reply, did you get it.
    9. afatone
      I just purchased an XP several weeks ago. Used on my high school sport fields for spreading fertilizer only. I liked it and it saved wear and tear on my body. I use Anderson's granular products and calibrated mine to be about a 15 setting and I went at a speed of between app. speed and transport speed. Sq. footage coverage at 4 lbs/1000 seemed to be pretty close. Wanted to see if that is about what you are doing. Also, haven't used it yet to spray. I use triplet low odor. It calls for 3 to 4 pints/acre. You had stated that you were getting around 30000k per fill up. My calibration showed me using about 1 tank/acre. I am a little hesitant to use the spray in fear of being too hot or too weak. What herbicide do you use and at what strength in your XP? Seems like you have some good experience with the machine. Just looking for some advice if you wouldn't mind.


      Andy Fatone, Owner
      Fatone's Lawn Care, Ltd.
      Sidney, OH
    10. New Image Landscaping
      New Image Landscaping
      Awsome Kubota! I own a Kubota BX22. They are great machines!
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